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Searching for cheats, downloads, and reviews, all in one handy site that’s designed with zest and clarity? Look no further.

On the stripped down intro page of Games Domain, the visitor is asked to pick a geographical region for further surfing. Easy enough, but at the top of the map are silhouettes of game characters. Gamer geek that I am, I recognized all of them, even though Lara Croft’s braid was hidden from view. Going into a site with that kind of in-the-know feeling is refreshing, and Games Domain keeps that happiness going with the rest of its content.

Looking for cheats and downloads? How about news from Sony or London Interactive? Maybe you’d just like reviews and features? Games Domain has it all. Sure, there are plenty of other game publications, many of them quite stellar, but there’s something zesty about the way that Games Domain has kept their site to a nice bare minimum. There are no annoying pop-ups and flashing banner ads to set your teeth on edge, and the graphics are clear and reasonably sized, to allow for super speedy loading and spare visuals.

With such a clean presentation, the index of cheats is a thing of beauty. There are some top cheats that are accompanied by small screen shots, but the majority of the cheats are in list format. This allows you to get to what you’ve come looking for, and fast. Let’s face it, if you want to know your way through a difficulty in Tony Hawk’s Underground, you already know what the game looks like, making images from someone else’s play irritating to wade through.

Like the graphics, the site’s writing is also lean without feeling skimpy. A recent review of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst was notable, since as an avid Myst player, I got most of the information and screen shots I wanted without having to wade through basic facts about the game or beginner explanations. Yet, the review managed to provide these for Myst neophytes. Many of Game Domain’s reviews and features are similar, and very well written. The passion of the site’s editors and writers shows in every page. And really, without enthusiasm like that, why bother playing?

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