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M-Tech Enterprises, A Real Lemons Out of Lemonade Story

  He then proceeded to broadcast his knowledge and abilities towards many others who ended up needing favors from him. He eventually came to realize that he had something marketable that he could make money from. Eventually he tired of doing ‘favors,’ essentially spending his time, energy, and fuel from all the traveling in his car and only getting a ‘thank you,’ in return for all of his efforts and use of his skill. The culminating frustration and slightly applied pressure from his wife ended with him starting his own small computer sales and repair company, “Reliable Computer Assistance.” The only obstacle was that he had no start-up capital.

He and a friend talked about it and realized it would be a good idea to partner up in a company based on his ability to build and refurbish his source of used personal computers and laptops at no more than a wholesale cost. After a third scheduled meeting was not attended by his friend, he decided to go it alone. God was the first person he went to for ideas. He didn’t have credit to get a loan and still no start-up funds. Getting a loan was something he wanted to avoid doing anyway. His village would not give him the license he needed to get computers to sell on his own since he was a home based business.

Then after a couple of weeks his prayers were answered in the form of a school that was upgrading their computer system. To make a long story shorter, they gave him all their old equipment. He refurbished them and sold them. He then proceeded to liquidate everything providing himself with a little investment money, just what he needed to make a start. At the time of all of this, he was in addition working full time and had gotten a promotion to Assistant Coordinator of his company’s Intel Computer Clubhouse. His responsibilities included being responsible for the client’s computer hardware and software education, and also the security of the computer networks. He had no problems teaching the hardware, but was ignorant of the software such was Flash, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

Some of the visitors to the clubhouse used the software and several of the youth taught themselves. Watching them, he realized that if he was going to teach others, he began to teach himself. He would arrive early and play around with the software. The more he played around with it, the more interested he became. He then got to the point where he got his own copies at home. With the minimum amount of skill, he started marketing himself as a computer technician and website designer. The majority of his work was on the job training. There were times when he didn’t have the information to solve the problems of his customers, yet he knew how to use Yahoo and Google’s search engines and got his needed information from there.

He became excited about his work and at the same time, unfortunately lost his position in his company and lost a lot of funding. As his company expanded his business plans changed, along with his goals, vision, and the services he offered. The name of his company is Miller Technologies and it is a name that encompasses his present and future technological offerings. He now fixes computers and designs and develops websites. The websites can also include multi-media additions. His vision of the future for M-Tech is not just a full service multimedia company that offers packages and a la carte multimedia services (whether live or broadcast over a medium), but to also branch into IT services and eventually offer internet packages.

M-Tech is intended to be a one stop technology shop. The buyer will be able to buy a computer from them, have them network and provide security for them, use M-Tech to make, record, and master any audio and/or video that the customer may need, place those on the customer’s website that they will also make, and use their internet service to get to that website on their hosting servers with a domain name that you purchase from them.

You can contact David Miller at his email address: [email protected] and discuss your interest in working with his company and buying his software package.

M-Tech Enterprises Inc is a private company categorized under Non-classified Establishments.

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