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Smaller GIF Shareware.
an animation compressor that doesn’t affect appearance. If you needto reduce the size of animated.GIF’ rel=”prettyPhoto”>


Acrobat Reader Freeware.
The standard for portable document format.


Adobe Software Demos
From After Effects to GoLive to Illustrator… get demos here


ALAMDV Public Beta
for video special effects on your home computer. Ever dreamt of creating those Starwars™ style lightsaber special effects? Want to make an action film? Now you can – and best of all it won’t cost you a million dollars!


Anarchie (now called Interarchy) Shareware.
(Archie & FTP in one) An application that lets you download andupload files over the internet.


Anarchie (now called Interarchy)Shareware.
(Archie & FTP in one) An application that lets you download andupload files over the internet.


BBEdit Lite Shareware.
Text editor with some support for web page design. There are many freeware/shareware extensions that add better html functionality & support for stuff like MacPerl. BBEdit 5.0 is the shareware version with greatly expanded features. The commercially available BBEdit 4.5 is much more powerful – on the other hand, it’s not free. Also, many of it’s more advanced functions can be added to the Lite version with easily available freeware/shareware plugins.


Canvas Demo.
Canvas blends illustration, photo editing, and typography with complete control over transparency for all object types.


CRUSH FTP Server Shareware.
JAVA based FTP Server, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X


Days to Go Demo-Shareware.
Days To Go is a reminder program which is simple to use. Past or future dates can be entered, along with a message to be displayed.


Default Folder Shareware.
Enhance your Open and Save dialogs to save time and aggravation


DialogMagic Demo
Automates FileMaker Pro Dialog Scripting. Automates rote tasks that previously have substantially impacted the productivity of FileMaker Developers.


DropStuff with Expander Enhancer Shareware.
Basic drag-and-drop compression and expansion.


EjectDisk Shareware.
AEjectDisk makes ejecting disk from your computer a breeze. While working in any application you can eject most disks with a single keystroke.


Email Cleaner Demo
Email Cleaner does line re-wrapping on badly wrapped emails and NewsGroup-posts. Badly wrapped lines is a
problem every Internet User comes across, Email Cleaner solves it. Email Cleaner also batch shrinks folders of HTML files, removing un-needed lines and spaces.


English-Spanish, English-German, English-Italian DictionariesShareware.
Each dictionary collects all the entries that match what you’ve entered, and displays the English and the Other Language side-by-side. The user can easily create additional plug-in dictionaries to supplement the dictionary provided with the program. The program allows you to choose either English or Other Language for the user interface language.


Eudora Newest version free with ads. The ORIGINAL Mac email program is as good as ever, and it’s free. You do have to put up with a very small unobtrusive ad. Eudora Archiver – Shareware
is a web utility for Macintosh which archives emails and attachments from Eudora. ExportFM – Demo
Enables you to export container fields from a FileMaker database as files in their native file format. With ExportFM you can create a web site, entirely in HTML, but generated dynamically from a FileMaker Pro database – updated at the click of a button.


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