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MacHeadlines Shareware
Scrolling desktop ticker with Sports, Stock Market, News.


MacPerl 5.2.0r4 Freeware.
the Mac version of the Perl scripting/programming cult.


MacQibla Shareware.
Calculates the proper times of Islamic prayers for any day in any location, using either a Western Gregorian or Islamic Hijira calendar. The application is the perfect tool for any Muslim as well as for non-Muslims who are engaged in business in the Islamic world.


MacTicker Demo.
MacTicker is a specialized Web browser that queries financial Web sites worldwide and reformats the information as an animated stock ticker and a collection of concise reports.


Mac Tuner Shareware.
Allows you to Tune In to Stations World-Wide via Internet. Includes News, Talk, Sports, and other Informational Programs. Radio and Video capability. A “Best Utility?


Mailsmith Demo.
This demo package is fully functional. The demo is time-limited and will expire 30 days from the date you first use it. Looking for a powerful e-mail client? Take this for a spin!


Meta Tag Manager Shareware.
A utility is for fine-tuning and optimizing a document’s meta tags. This process can enhance a page’s search engine relevancy ranking.


MindControl Demo.
Open applications, visit websites, send email, and more using keyboard commands that you define. MindControl is one of those applications that defies convention and really surprises you as to how useful it can be.


MindExpander Freeware.
Download any file from the Internet without worrying about its format. Whether you’re using Mac or a PC, MindExpander will expand ZIP, SIT, SEA, HQX, and other popular compression formats. MRJ SDK 2.1 – Freeware
This is the current software development kit for Java on the Mac (Java1.1.6 – Note: Everyone else in the world (MS, Linux, Unix) are up to at least 1.2, now called Java 2. As usual, Apple is slow.).
MacBinary (3804 Kb), BinHex (5171 Kb)


Note Palette Shareware.
Text management software. Note Palette is a replacement for the Note Pad application included with the MacOS. The program supports 26 “chapters” (A-Z) each of which may contain up to 32,000 characters (roughly sixteen 8.5 x 11 pages).


ProTA Demo.
ProTA is a complete stock market analysis solution designed specifically for the MacOS-based investor/trader.


QuickNailer Shareware.
Preview and organize thousands of images and movies. Create contact sheets, media catalogs, web pages, or linked web pages.


QuickTime Freeware
Opens most audio/video formats. Way better than any version of QT2.x, included with OS8.1 or earlier versions of the Mac OS. You have to go to Apple to download it. You can also use it to see the trailer for the Star Wars movie.


RealPlayer Freeware
Needed to play RealAudio/Video. G2 prebeta is available. You better have LOTS of RAM.


Screen Catcher Shareware
Take screen snapshots in PICT, JPEG, and GIF formats, automatically perform color reduction, and more.


Secret Folder Shareware
OneApp Secret Folder lets you conceal a folder and its contents. It provides you with an easy and fast way to protect documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users.


Slide Show Shareware.
OneApp Slide Show is a slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files, QuickTime movies, sounds and images.


Stuffit Expander Freeware.
The total cross-platform expansion utility. Expand just about any file you receive over the Internet.



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