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MapsNshop Offers Businesses Geosocial Product Marketing on a Large Scale

CHICAGO Feb. 21, 2011

"This is true social media," said CEO Dare Ajala. "Not only can businesses display what they’re offering, but customers also have the option to buy those products though a live map and recommend them to their friends for purchase. We call it ‘geosocial marketing.’ Even small businesses can display their products or services for the world to see for free, as long as there are fewer than 10 items on display. When customers search for a product, businesses in the geographical area with that product featured will surface for the customer to choose from. MapsNshop takes social media, buying and selling, viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing to the next level."

MapsNshop is a new, patent-pending application that is social media and location advertising rolled into one. "How many times have you visited an unfamiliar neighborhood and didn’t find out until later that just two blocks away was the retail store you were looking for?" asks Dare. "Instead of driving around for hours running errands, you could search on MapsNshop and find what you want, provided a local business has featured the product in MapsNshop. This information automatically comes with its location, business information and how much it costs. Customers can also choose to browse other products the business has to offer. It’s like having your own personal shopper. Imagine a place where people can search for anything they can think of and it points them to where they can get it in their locale with a real bird’s eye view of the location."

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Dare predicts that number will grow as more consumers adapt to changing technology that makes their lives easier by saving them time and money.

MapsNshop is an advertising platform that any size business can use, whether it’s a retail chain or a mom-and-pop store. Registered businesses can even give potential customers a virtual tour of their businesses by posting a 2-minute video of whatever they choose.

"We are committed to creating an environment where businesses and customers can easily find each other and do business effectively without talking," said Dare.


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