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Market for Attorney Employment Has Never Been Better

A law degree is considered a huge asset in business regardless of whether the law graduate actually practices law. “Most law graduates are still finding employment even if it is in a “non-lawyer” type positions, like working for their law school in some capacity. And while some may bash these positions, they sound pretty good to me; decent hours and salary while gaining legal experience, “wrote Jen Kehl in the Daily Record. As a new attorney, there has to be the motivation to help people – clients. If the law student is going to Law School just to make money, then perhaps the student chose the wrong profession. Interesting enough, some lawyers don’t like dealing with clients. Josh Camson wrote in the Lawyerist: “Every single day I see attorneys talk down to clients. Even worse than just talking down to clients, I see attorneys treat clients like they are below the attorney. Last week I went out into the hall and found one attorney literally yelling at a client. Your clients are coming to you because they need help. For many people, asking for help is a very tough thing to do. Don’t make it more difficult by talking down to them. Instead, treat your clients like equals. This will show them that you value their business, and that the meeting you’re having isn’t just a billable hour.”

If the expectation is to not become an advocate, being a lawyer was probably a wrong career choice. Clients come to an attorney at the worst or most stressful moments in life, and will seek kind help from an attorney. Most good attorneys are dedicated to helping people and want to be “fairly” compensated. New attorneys need to focus on the clients, and the jobs and money will follow. No one can guarantee new attorneys a job, and ultimately it’s up to them to find one. However, is there trying to make that process a little simpler. Thousands of legal professionals have already benefited from Shpoonkle.

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