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Marketing Methods, Inc. Has Perfected "Viral Marketing" as a New Business Model

Marketing Methods, Inc. is a well established Marketing and Promotions firm that has been in the traditional marketing and publicity business since 1992. Jack Schafer, PE the company's founder and CEO adds, "We have found that the most effective rule of marketing is that people think what people think, and what use to take considerable time and investment, can now be accomplished virally overnight, with a well designed plan.

"Think about it… a large percentage of a person's instant reactions are inspired by the belief that everyone else is doing it, and if they don't, they may miss out. Selfishness is a powerful tool…"

This is Marketing 101, and it's what Viral Marketing is all about. Never has there been a tool as outreaching and instant as Social Networking, and it's platform the Internet. What use to take months, sometimes years…and certainly tremendous expense and effort, can now be accomplished with a well developed plan to determine precisely what you want everyone to see (and think…), in just three to five 24/7 days on the Internet.

VP, Stephen Walker adds, "At some point during that 3-5 days, we'll get the message viral & globally… and it's something you can actually see with a hit counter. Numbers will grown to over 100,000 per hour, and all of our servers are smoking. That's 'Viral'… many millions of people throughout the world, have seen your message. Viral isn't a marketing mistake or chance happening, it's a tool that can reach countless millions of individuals, and if presented properly, it can make BIG things happen."

Schafer continues, "Take the entertainment business as an example, Anyone can become famous for an instant, even if it's just in their own mind. Music sales today do not come from a label, distribution is passé… plastic is gone. It’s a digital world now, and money is made online and on the road. 80% of all music is purchased in digital format, and there have been countless instances of unknown artists, selling millions of digital songs online in a day… or unfortunately, in most cases… it wasn't a planned exposure, they didn't see it coming, and gave their fortune away on YouTube." MMI has obviously mastered the process of Planned Virtual Marketing.

He continues, "The Internet can do for pennies in a day, what use to take a label and their artists months or years, and million to accomplish. Change used to happen over decades, now an artist can go 'viral' literally overnight. Those aren’t accidents or chance." Steven adds, "Some of the most financially successful artists in the industry today appeared instantly, and though they didn’t 'pay their dues,' they understood today’s music industry, and got it right. Imagine, introducing your talent and music to 10's of millions of people, and giving them the opportunity to actually buy it digitally for that 99 cents. You do the math!"

Marketing Methods, Inc ( did not invest in the word viral, or the process… but they have turned it into a marketing science and in turn a brilliant success. Schafer concludes, "It's the greatest opportunity ever, to make things happen virtually overnight, and with good fortune, and our guidance from God… we got it right!"


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