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MarketsandMarkets: Global Laser Technologies, Components & Applications Market worth $19.88 Billion in 2017

DALLAS April 27, 2012

" Laser Technologies, Components & Applications Market Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 2017) " $19.88 billion

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Since the early period of laser history, laser research has produced a variety of improved and specialized laser types, optimized for different performance goals, including:

  • new wavelength bands
  • maximum average output power
  • maximum peak pulse energy
  • maximum peak pulse power
  • minimum output pulse duration
  • maximum power efficiency
  • minimum cost

and this research continues to this day.

Lasing without maintaining the medium excited into a population inversion was discovered in 1992 in sodium gas and again in 1995 in rubidium gas by various international teams. This was accomplished by using an external maser to induce "optical transparency" in the medium by introducing and destructively interfering the ground electron transitions between two paths, so that the likelihood for the ground electrons to absorb any energy has been cancelled.

The green lasers can prove to be a vital technology in terms cost reduction and output power. The laser industry is surging briskly not only in terms of technological advances, but also in terms of implementation in new applications sectors. With the advent of globalization, economies have expanded and lasers are used for more widespread industrial applications linked to automation and next generation technologies.

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The new "Dynamic Light Spot" technology, introduced in a concept car called the BMW i8, would identify and illuminate perambulators with a bright, targeted beam, which would resemble the sunlight.

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