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As networks abound, so too do companies like Marvell. After all, someone has to make sure all this connectivity keeps us connected.

As networks abound, so too do companies like Sunnyvale-based Marvell. After all, someone has to make sure all this connectivity keeps us connected. Wayne Lieberman, general manager of the company’s enterprise business unit, talks about bandwidth, backbones, and the fine art of switching.

What made you choose this field?

I guess it’s because I love the challenge and the fast pace in this industry. I enjoy being on the side of technology and product innovation, and I definitely like being a part of a winning team. Marvell is this kind of a company, a leader in technology, innovative and growing at a spectacular pace.

Why do you think there’s a need for what you provide?

The need for increased bandwidth is becoming necessary as the world becomes more and more networked. Whether at home or in an office environment, users want access to information quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Enter Marvell. We provide communications equipment providers with high-speed backbone IC solutions that enable users to quickly transmit and receive information via the wired or wireless networked environment.

Marvell is also focused on wireless LAN connectivity in mobile and desktop PCs as well as many consumer electronic devices, including PDAs, Internet appliances, wireless IP phones, and handheld devices. We’re expanding our presence in emerging consumer storage electronics, including personal video recorders, game consoles and digital cameras.

What kind of technologies are you looking at for the future?

As a leader in Gigabit Ethernet technology, we are looking forward to continuing to drive the adoption of this technology in the PC market as well as extend our focus in the enterprise switching market. We are also looking forward to driving the deployment of wireless technology into high-volume mobile and desktop PC applications, as well as extending wireless connectivity into the enormous consumer electronics market, including PDAs, Internet appliances, wireless IP phones, and handheld devices.

Last, we will continue to expand our leadership position in the enterprise, PC, and laptop storage markets as well as into consumer applications including personal video recorders, game consoles, digital cameras, GPS systems, and MP3 players that utilize hard disk drives for increased storage capacity and enhanced user experience.

What are the company’s goals?

Marvell’s objective is to continue to be a leading provider of extreme broadband system-level integrated circuit solutions for the storage and networking markets. First, Marvell will continue to invest considerable resources in developing new, enhanced algorithms and improved mixed signal and digital signal processing technologies. This will enable the company to develop products that can achieve data transmission speeds approaching the fundamental limits of particular physical media infrastructures.

Also, the company has combined its physical layer solutions with its high-performance switching and internetworking products, integrating multiple product functions to address the demands of today’s communications equipment.

What’s a particular area of strength for Marvell?

In the area of network switching, Marvell will continue its leadership position in the industry-wide transition from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet in the PC market. The adoption of Gigabit Ethernet technology in the PC market will be one of the main drivers in Marvell’s next wave of revenue growth, due to the increasing installed base of Gigabit-enabled computers. This technology transition will prove to be an even greater larger opportunity in the enterprise switching market as an increased number of networking equipment manufacturers are outsourcing silicon and software components that they previously developed internally.

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