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Maxell Europe launches new HDD Range for 2010

London, UK, (May 2010), Maxell Europe Limited, the technology brand leader, is excited to launch their highly anticipated range of External Hard Disk Drives (HDD). Maxell is now able to offer an extensive array of reliable, high capacity desktop and portable storage devices, to fulfil all your storage needs.

Maxell has taken steps to continue to meet the demands of the consumer and the professional, by offering Portable 2.5” HDDs and Desktop 3.5” HDDs with differing user interfaces. The capacities available range from 250GB all the way up to an impressive 2TB. Whether you need an external HDD to store sensitive documents, large music files, digital photos, video recordings or even to backup of the contents of your main internal hard drive, Maxell can provide a solution for all your storage needs.

The 2.5” Tank range consists of three portable External HDDs, the E-Series, M-Series and H-Series. At less than 13cm long and around 8cm in width, all three are perfect for mobile users as they can be transported in the travel pouch provided, slipping easily into your jacket pocket or bag. They also feature simple Hot Plug and Play, high data transfer rates offering increased performance, low noise operation and high durability. For this reason, the HDDs have been created to use as little power as possible. All three are available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB.

2.5” Tank M-Series

2.5” Tank E-Series

Tank e 250 (with packaging for web) Tank m 250 for web

2.5” Tank H-Series

Tank h500 (h) copy for web copy

The E-series is a sleek and slim design, with a glossy black finish. It is extremely simple to use, with a back-up button for instantaneous back-up of your hard drive. The M-Series features a three colour LED screen, has a silent operation and includes a back up function and password software. The H-Series, with its streamline design and metallic finish, is a slightly more sophisticated model; it offers the user a dual interface (USB 2.0 and eSATA), as well has faster data transfer rate (Up to 3GB from the eSATA port). It is also the only 2.5” Tank to offer a storage capacity of 640GB.


For the more demanding user, there is the choice of 3.5” HDDs – The Tank Terabyte Series. This compact HDD is a sturdy, robust device which, with its frosted silver body, can still add a touch of class to your desktop. The Terabyte series come with a stand to prop it upright, alternatively if you prefer to have a collection of HDDs, you can stack them on top of one another.

The Terabyte Series is powered by mains and is available in 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacity, compatable with USB 2.0 interface.

It is hard to deny that the need for the larger-scale, reliable storage increases daily, so no matter how technologically advanced you are, or which interface you use, Maxell is now poised to provide you with a perfect storage solution.


HDD_new_angle (h) copyTank Quad Channel.

Maxell will soon be launching its newest External HDD desktop device. Perfect for consumers and businesses alike, the Quad Channel offers its users 4 interface options, making this one of the most widely compatible HDDs on the market. Use this compact HDD with USB 2.0/3.0, eSATA, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800.

Although the Quad Channel is the most avanced HDD that Maxell supplies, it still remains simple to use with the Hot Plug and Play function. Available in 1TB and 2TB, this HDD has high data transfer rates for increased efficiency, low noise operation and high durability.

The Quad channel will be available in the Summer 2010

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Note to Editors:

· Samples available on request

· For more information on individual products in the range, please contact [email protected]

Suggested Retail Prices (SRP)

· HDD Tank E Series 250GB – £ 49.99, HDD Tank E Series – £ 54.99

HDD Tank E Series 500GB – £ 69.99

  • HDD Tank M Series 250GB – £ 54.99, HDD Tank M Series 320GB – £ 59.99

HDD Tank M Series 500GB – £ 74.99

· HDD Tank H Series 250GB – £ 57.99, HDD Tank H Series 320GB – £ 64.99,

HDD Tank H Series 500GB – £ 76.99, HDD Tank H Series 640GB – £ 84.99

  • HDD Tank Terabyte Series 1TB – £ 79.99
  • HDD Tank Terabyte Series 1.5TB – £ 109.99
  • HDD Tank Terabyte Series 2 TB – £ 149.99

  • HDD Tank Quad channel 1 TB – £ 149.99
  • HDD Tank Quad channel 2 TB – £ 199.99

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A technology and brand leader in premium data storage media products since 1960, Hitachi Maxell Ltd is a full-line manufacturer of digital and analog media products for the consumer, data storage and broadcasts markets. For more information, please visit


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