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Maximizing the Lives of Computers

LONDON January 27, 2011

It stands to reason, then, that computer systems should be made to last as long as possible, especially in today’s highly competitive marketplaces. If they at least survive through their expected life spans, the company can predict when new hardware is going to be needed. If, on the other hand, one or more components fail before their time, it causes a substantial expense the company was not prepared for.

One major factor affecting the life of a computer is file fragmentation. When a file and free space is split into thousands or tens of thousands of fragments, the disk subsystem is severely taxed whenever a file is read or written. Hardware life can be shortened by 50 percent or more.

For this reason, Diskeeper(R) performance software can extend hardware life well beyond its normal expectancy-and many sites have found it does exactly that.

Adam Hicks

Part of the reliability that Diskeeper delivers also means greatly improved performance. "I would say our performance help desk calls were affected the most," Hicks said. "Those type of trouble tickets just do not happen anymore. Now if I get a help desk call about a slow computer, it’s because somehow we forgot to install Diskeeper on that machine in the first place."

"In the end a smoother-running network of computers means my staff and I can spend more time on other things and be more productive with fewer interruptions from annoying help desk calls," Hicks concluded.

SOURCE Diskeeper Corporation

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