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MaYoMo Fast Becoming a Critical News Resource for Social News Reporting in the World’s Hot Zones

MaYoMo has been among the first to share dramatic moments from major global hot zones including Iraq, Pakistan, and the Iranian protests including footage of Demonstrators trying to Save Men from Hanging and A Police Car running over a man in Ashura. In the world of globalization, MaYoMo is increasingly gaining serious attention as an alternative media vehicle for the exchange of citizen journalism news and information. Additional videos have come from other crisis zones including reports from Mumbai showing Police after the terrorist attack and the Deadly terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

Social networking sites like Facebook, MaYoMo, and Twitter offer timely news from deep within these zones especially when traditional news crews cannot. Major news sources are increasingly deferring to on-the-ground video reports from citizens at large.

“Participatory journalism is emerging as a needed accompaniment to traditional media and a reliable source of information during catastrophic events,” said Hristo Alexiev, cofounder of MaYoMo. “With our global ‘news crew’ of video camera-enabled members from more than 120 countries around the world, MaYoMo is fast becoming a critical news resource to aid in the reporting of events from the world’s hot zones.”

In support of major media events, MaYoMo’s platform has expanded to include event-specific news channels, such as a dedicated Copenhagen Channel with up-to-the-minute, feet-on-the-street coverage of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, offering citizen journalists a place to voice their views and opinions throughout the conference. Moments such as, Protesters’ Clash with Danish Police and Lord Mockton’s comparing of environmentalists to Hitler youth were captured by citizen journalists and broadcasted to the whole world.

Access to content on the MaYoMo website is free. Anyone can quickly create an account and start contributing content including photos, video, and other media assets from a variety of devices, including video-enabled phones. MaYoMo has achieved unprecedented geographic coverage via its rapidly expanding membership. Since launching in late 2008, members from 120 countries have posted nearly 60,000 news articles. You may follow MaYoMo on Twitter at, or on Facebook at

MaYoMo is a web-based platform for user-generated news through which everyone can upload materials from either computers or mobile devices, empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution. MaYoMo lets users ask and learn, “What’s happening, where and when?”. Unique to MaYoMo is the graphical display of all news on a world map, including “Virtu” − a continent hosting news from virtual worlds.

To experience the power of news like never before, and participate in the future of journalism and news content distribution, please visit

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