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Meet the Future of Search, a Siri for Websites

Instead of asking what you are interested in Saplo analyzes what type of content you interact with and then automatically give you the most relevant information. Its called text analytics and uses technologies that mimic how the brain learn languages.

Its sort of like having thousands of people reading texts for you and telling you whats relevant for you says Mattias Tyrberg Founder & CEO of Saplo

So instead of trying to manually search to find interesting information text analysis helps you find it automatically. This works on any text site such as news sites, email and intranets. Saplo was chosen as one of the 20 most innovative companies in Sweden and will now be showed in an exhibition at Stanford. The exhibition will show many different innovations but all with the same potential to become the next Skype or Spotify.

Both Skype and Spotify starts with S so I think we have a good chance for success. We believe that soon there will be three well-known “S” companies from Sweden says CEO Mattias Tyrberg.

About Saplo:
Saplo is a Swedish company based on high profile academic research on semantic technologies that develops methods and technologies for automatic text analysis that mimic how humans read and evaluate text. The company was founded 2008 and have known investors such as Göran Grosskopf, chairman of Stichting INGKA Foundation (IKEA’s holding company and one of the wealthiest foundations in the world).

You will be able to experience the innovation Saplo and 19 other innovations from Swedish startup companies at an exhibition presenting innovative solutions to old and new problems during INNOVATIVE SWEDEN at Stanford University November 2-9. The companies taking part operate in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Life Science, Gaming and Clean Technology.  

Press contact at Saplo:
Mattias Tyrberg, 415 689 6896, [email protected]

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Press contact at the Swedish Insitute:
Adiba Cremonini, +1 (917) 767 0077, [email protected]
Susanna Wallgren, Media Relations Manager, +46 (0) 73-684 20 65, [email protected]

Sweden may be a small country, but we are full of great ideas. Our curiosity, creativity and desire for change have made us innovators. We lead the world in innovations in a variety of fields. Our curiosity has enhanced and upgraded the way we all live. Every day more than 25 million people use Skype to communicate. And Spotify will revolutionize the way we enjoy music. These ideas build on a history of Swedish Innovations, including the three point seat belt, the pacemaker and color graphics technology.

Now it’s time for a new generation of innovations from Sweden. Innovations that will improve lives. Get a glimpse of the latest in the fields of clean technology, information and communication technologies, life science and gaming. From hydrogene fuel cells to eye tracking devices. From cleaning water with sunshine to cameras that see in the dark. You’ll find these innovations in hospitals, schools, at home and all around you. Feel the power of curiosity. Join us and challenge yourself to change the world. Welcome to Innovative Sweden.

Mattias Tyrberg
CEO & Founder Saplo

Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden 2010 (read more)

Twitter: @Tyrberg
Linkedin: Tyrberg

[email protected]
Mobile (Sweden): +46 709 797724

Mobile (US): 415 689 6896
Skype: MattiasTyrberg

Twitter: @Saplo
Phone: +46 (0)40 693 9700

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