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MENA Drip Irrigation Systems Market Report Recommends Players to Focus on Agriculture and Greenhouse Sectors

For countries in North Africa and the Middle East, where several agencies collectively work toward addressing the water scarcity issue, every drop of the precious resource comes at cost. This is especially true in the case of agriculture, and that’s precisely why drip irrigation systems are so vital. The drip irrigation systems market in North Africa and Middle East is still at a stage where it is expanding at a noteworthy pace. Recent market research reports put the CAGR of the Middle East and North Africa drip irrigation systems market at 18.3% between 2014 and 2020. Growing at this rate, the market will be worth US$317.42 million by 2020.

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Middle East to Hold Influential Position in MENA Drip Irrigation Systems Market

The efficacy of several conventional irrigation systems – such as sprinkler irrigation – is lost in the arid, sweltering temperatures of the Middle East. This makes drip irrigation the system of choice because it delivers water close to the roots, leaving little scope for loss of water through evaporation. The Middle East region is pegged to grow at an 18.3%CAGR through the remainder of the decade, and will continue to carry a dominant position moving forward.

Countries such as Iran, Israel and Turkey show a high uptake of drip irrigation systems to optimize water consumption and to bring down waste to the lowest extent possible. While there is little doubt that the Middle East will stay ahead of North Africa in the drip irrigation systems market, the latter is currently on course to exceeding the former in CAGR. Market analysts expect that between 2014 and 2020, the North Africa drip irrigation systems market will show a CAGR of 18.5%. This healthy growth rate will make North Africa the fastest growing drip irrigation systems market in the MENA region.

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Drip Irrigation Systems will be Widely Deployed in Agriculture Sector in MENA

While public and residential gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses are some of the smaller end-users within the MENA drip irrigation systems, the undisputed leader among all end-users is the agriculture sector. The agriculture segment also brought in the highest share of revenues (49.3%) for the MENA drip irrigation systems market. Moving forward, this segment will not only retain its predominant position, but will also post a healthy CAGR of 18.9% between 2014 and 2020.

That said, the greenhouses segment will also drive revenues to a notable degree. In dry and arid countries such as Qatar, Morocco and Egypt, where greenhouses are a reliable means to produce fruit, vegetables and other crops, greenhouse owners are increasingly switching over to drip irrigation systems. Governments of these nations have undertake several nationwide programs to encourage the adoption of efficient agricultural methods, with drip irrigation being one of them.

Tubing to be in High Demand in MENA Drip Irrigation Systems Market

The MENA drip irrigation systems market can be classified based on the components used for delivering water for irrigation or gardening. These include: Drip emitters, tubing, vales, backflow preventers, pressure regulators, filters, and fittings. Of these segments, tubing was observed to be the largest in 2013, contributing 39.5% to the total revenue share. The extensive use of round tubing can be credited for the sizeable market share held by the overall tubing segment.

Moving forward, the fastest rate of growth will be seen in the flat tubing segment mainly because this component boasts higher longevity round tubing. Consequently, the flat tubing segment will likely post an impressive CAGR of 19.9% between 2014 through 2020.

In the next few years, companies will have to invest in fortifying their existing distribution networks and setting up new ones if they are to attain a sizeable portion in the revenue pie. Currently, companies such as Netafim Ltd., The Toro Company, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., and Rain Bird Corporation enjoy a considerable advantage in the MENA drip irrigation systems market.

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