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mHealth Services Market to Reach US$23.39 billion by 2020

With the swift industrial development of mobile technologies and the easy availability of products such as smart phones, tablets and PDAs, a complete change of paradigm has been observed in the way mobile devices are viewed these days. From only being used to make calls or record personal data to becoming a mode for creating and delivering content while on the go, mobile technology has come a long way.

The complete makeover of this (mobile) industry is more dominantly observed in the healthcare domain. Healthcare information providers are using the technical advancements of this field in making the best possible use of mobile information delivery methods and mobile healthcare methodologies to easily connect with their patients.

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What is Mobile healthcare of m-Health?

The terms Mobile healthcare or m-Health refer to the unification of two fast-growing areas of information technology: mobile services or m-services (delivery of services through mobile devices) and e-health (delivery of health care services and information through electronic media).

The m-health market: a Global Scenario:

There are many factors that have influenced this market such as the rise of technically advanced devices in the market and their common availability, the ease with which electronic media can now deliver healthcare information, the extent of use of technologically advanced mobile devices by healthcare information providers and the growth of the global healthcare market.

Though no clear authoritative statistics are available for gauging the size and extent of this market, there are some reliable market analysts, which indicate that the use of mobile devices in the healthcare domain is on a swift rise. It was estimated that the global m-health market was worth USD 1.3B in 2012 and is projected to rise to USD 26 billion by 2017.

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The primary drivers of this industry, both on macro as well as the micro level include a swift growth in the healthcare market, the rising use of electronic devices for healthcare management and growing use of internet and information technology by a larger population of the world.

M-health Products and Services:

To enable the provisions of Mobile healthcare, a wide array of products and services such as patient engagement devices and tools, data-management software, prescription and billing applications and workforce monitoring applications, and much more, are needed.

However, amongst the most common applications of this industry are medical reference and mobile point-of-care solutions.

Medical reference can easily be provided to the end-users by virtue of e-reference guides, online patient education, e-prescribing, etc. Apart from the use of e-referencing for connecting with patients and making them more educated about everything they are going through or they are prescribed, medical referencing is also widely used by resident doctors, nurses, pharmacists and even medical students for updating the ongoing knowledge or for use at various points of care in dealing with specific patients, as and when required.

The other application of this industry, mobile point-of-care, can be commonly referred to as the live stethoscopes at remote locations, in absence of an actual healthcare representative. By using devices such as tablets, PDAs and smart phones, a lot of information related to the clinical condition of a patient can be documented, delivered and monitored and quick decision making could be enabled by providing instant information about a precautionary measure or about the current state of a patient.

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Challenges before this industry:

It is quite reasonable to understand that mobile devices need the data or information to be transformed into compact form to fit their smaller display screens. This is a huge challenge especially for the healthcare domain where observing the minutest details before prescribing anything is of utmost importance.

Currently, the devices that can abstract the most actionable pieces of data amid covering the minutest details are either not very common amongst the end users are or too expensive to be afforded.

The ultimate role in determining the future growth opportunities of m-health market depend on the availability of cutting-edge infrastructure, abundant bandwidth and the easy availability of these products in the consumer market.

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