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Military-grade optics meet iPhone and iPad via US Night Vision and Special Operations Apps

[SOA]2 new technology hardware and software renders comprehensive integration 

TAMPA, Fla. May 22, 2012

Special Operations Apps/System for Optical Attachments [SOA]2 K. Dominic Cincotti SOA and its affiliated company, MW Research and Development, Inc.

"In addition to the Apple iPhone 4S and the New iPad," Cincotti said, "we’re also excited about the platforms and devices like the Windows phones, the Android, the Lumia 9000, and the Nokia PureView, with its game-changing 41-megapixel camera." He added that all of these are under consideration for [SOA]2 development, and his companies are in continuing talks with Nokia.

Generation III night vision devices, long-range day optics, infra-red imaging systems, and laser range finders, among others, can now be configured with commercially available smart devices — including the iPhone 4S and the New iPad — from the [SOA]2 cluster of newly patented and patent-pending hardware and software.

The Dream Team

USA Jonathan Springer

"This is the Dream Team for optics, US Night Vision hardware, and software, and a chance for us all to help customize the future," Cincotti said, "and with the US Army’s announced intention to issue smart devices to soldiers, [SOA]2 is the best use of the newest technology and the army technology already in hand."

Chris Byrd

"We are taking military-grade optics and turning them into mobile high definition data-recording navigational and analysis systems," Byrd said, "while still maintaining the integrity of the original optics that have already been purchased in previous acquisition cycles."

Tactical Nav’s developer, CPT Springer, said, "Bottom line up front, this joint teaming alliance is about integrating the best uses of technology we have right now and putting this technology into the hands of our combat soldiers downrange."

"The soldier already knows these mobile smart devices," CPT Springer said, "it’s already in his pocket, and he’s already an expert at using it."

North Carolina

"We do our best to answer and anticipate the needs of special operations," Cincotti said, "and we are looking forward to continued input from the operators and SF soldiers as [SOA]2 progresses to adoption and deployment."

Intellectual Property Cluster


Special Operations Apps/System for Optical Attachments [SOA]2 includes:

  • Multi-use Optics Case Integrator
  • Adapter Rings machined from Ultem 2300, which is virtually unbreakable and super-lightweight 
  • Hoodman System Accessories, now modified for mobile devices for [SOA]2, including  Day/Night Solutions to reduce glare and light bleed
  • A proprietary software platform that includes a range of Special Operations-specific tactical navigation apps, integrating various optics hardware and mobile-device capabilities

John Madden

US Night Vision Roseville, CA Roseville

Hoodman USA Torrance

Afghanistan Tactical Nav App $30,000 App Store

From Bloomberg

A New Science of Stealth

January 2012’s Popular Science cover story

$43 million

Dave Mullins Mark Tocci

Sam Thompson Mars Rover Ronnie Medina

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) is an annual event, bringing together more than 7,000 attendees from government and industry and featuring more than 350 exhibiting companies.

Wilmington, NC Fort Bragg Camp Lejeune Virginia Beach, VA

For further information: 650-209-0762 (Zero-SOA)

Phil Williams

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SOA at 650-209-0762

Chris Byrd

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