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Minions Collection at Target on iTunes Store

A bundle of  Despicable me 1 & 2 and Minions are available on iTunes Store now. Generally speaking,  three films cost you about $50, now you can get the bundle with half price. Minions is the good movie to watch with family members.

What you didn’t know about Minions

The minions’ design was inspired by the Jawas from Star Wars and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. At first there were talks of the minions being tall and orc-like.


The minions’ cute jumbled language “Minionese” is actually a mix of Spanish, English, French and Italian with additional elements of Russian and Korean. And they seem to understand English pretty well, too. They’re worldly little guys.

All of the minions are male and have been given standard English-style names. Dave, Carl, Kevin, Steve, Phil, Jerry, Tim, Bob, Lance, Stuart and Norbert are just a handful of the ones that have been mentioned by name. OK, now let’s talk something about the movies.

The Despicable Me directors originally created minions to help make Gru more likeable for audiences. They wanted to surround him with childishness and incompetence.

Despicable Me Plot Summary


A man who delights in all things wicked, supervillain Gru (Steve Carell) hatches a plan to steal the moon. Surrounded by an army of little yellow minions and his impenetrable arsenal of weapons and war machines, Gru makes ready to vanquish all who stand in his way. But nothing in his calculations and groundwork has prepared him for his greatest challenge: three adorable orphan girls (Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher) who want to make him their dad.

Despicable Me 2 Plot Summary


Now that Gru (Steve Carell) has forsaken a life of crime to raise Margo, Agnes and Edith, he’s trying to figure out how to provide for his new family. As he struggles with his responsibilities as a father, the Anti-Villain League — an organization dedicated to fighting evil — comes calling. The AVL sends Gru on a mission to capture the perpetrator of a spectacular heist, for who would be better than the world’s greatest ex-villain to capture the individual who seeks to usurp his power.

Minions Plot Summary


Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master to grovel for, the Minions fall into a deep depression. But one minion, Kevin, has a plan; accompanied by his pals Stuart and Bob, Kevin sets forth to find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow. Their search leads them to Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first-ever super-villainess.

Minions Collection Available on iTunes Store

The minions are so popular among the children and very loved by children. This movie is most suitable for children with wholesome family. Go to iTunes Store and get the bundle. You can watch the purchased Minions Collection on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. If you want to play them on other non-apple devices, like LG TV, Samsung TV, Kindle fire or other players, you can refer to the following guides.

How to play iTunes purchased movies Minions freely

First, free download iTunes movies converter – M4V Converter Plus (Here we use Windows version, Mac user click here).


Second, import Minions movie to the program by clicking Add Movies button. M4V Converter Plus supports batch conversion, you can convert Minions and Despicable Me 1 / 2 at the same time.

(Optional) You can click Movie Edit icon to Trim Video, Change Artwork and  Edit Meta tags.


And then, you can choose output format from profile list. MP4 is the most popular video format for the devices, so we can select Lossless MP4.


All settings done, we can click profile panel to start the conversion.

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