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There are those who appreciate the functionality and design of a good PDA to organize their notes, but don’t think much about the gadget once it’s in a jacket pocket or stashed in a drawer. Then there are the other type. These PDA devotees follow the handheld world so closely that they ferret out development news and feature updates from every magazine and skim through newspapers in the hope of catching the word Palm. Now, these mobile fans have a new place for their fix.

PDA Handyman has a strikingly utilitarian design, as if whoever built it read usability studies and actually applied the knowledge. The daily main story, smack in the home page’s center, is sure to satisfy any handheld junkie’s cravings.

This section often features specs on new devices, analyst projections on the growth rate of the PDA market, and introduction of software or peripherals that make owning a PDA just that much better.

The news section simply lists links to stories, and the multiple, stacked headlines give a good overview of recent PDA road tests, Palm OS updates, and Pocket PC items. An extensive message board is set up, but as of this writing, doesn’t seem to have much traffic. However, since the site is quite new, and the PDA landscape seems ever more flourishing, this will hopefully change.

Most items are written by the site’s publisher, Tyler Regas, whose writing is as straightforward as the design. It’s obvious that Regas is devoted to the topic, and even in short news items, his enthusiasm is infectious.

He strips the adjectives out of press releases and product launch notices and delivers only the facts, ma’am. In the PDA field, where hype is rampant, it’s refreshing to have such a bare-bones resource, no matter what your level of PDA devotion.

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