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Mobius Announces mobiSHADES(C) On-the-Go Eyewear App For All Mobile Devices

To use mobiSHADES, users simply take a self-portrait with a camera-enabled mobile phone and send it to shades ( @ ) agm dot tw dot Mobius will analyze their facial structure and send back the most stylish sunglass looks on the market dot mobiSHADES then directs users to a mobile site where they can also select different sunglasses dot With just a few taps on the mobile phone, mobiSHADES returns custom images displaying the selected sunglass styles positioned on the user’s face dot While the mobiSHADES application is remarkable in its ability to immediately show users how they look in a particular style of sunglasses, it goes one step further in helping customers to make purchasing decisions. mobiSHADES allows customers to post their images on social media platforms where they can ask friends to vote for the best-looking style, and even purchase it for them.
Mobius image recognition software has been used worldwide in a variety of mobile applications, from advertising to food security, and anti counterfeiting technology, and mobiSHADES is just the latest in a series of developments for the Mobius object image recognition technology. “All Mobius applications are flexible and designed to satisfy the needs of the user and the retailer or producer because Mobius does not require anything more than a camera-enabled mobile phone,” said Mobius Internationals CEO Aram Kovach. “In the case of mobiSHADES, we’ve also matched the service with the power of social media, which helps customers make better choices and provides manufacturers with a new and powerful market reach.” Once a user completes their first mobiSHADES experience, a manufacturer can also send messages to the user that contain special offers or other brand or sales-building information.
Additionally, mobiSHADES offers quick-purchase and transaction security features. Once a user registers with Mobius, a unique image is associated with that user’s account. To confirm a purchase and make a secure payment, the unique image is requested from the user. Once the image is returned through mobiSHADES, payment is made and the purchase is completed securely.
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About CompEx, Inc.
CompEx, Inc., the parent company of Mobius International, which provides comprehensive integrated web solutions to solve the complex connectivity problems facing today’s organizations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, CompEx, Inc. is a privately-funded company formed in 1992 as a technology brand of global invention and vision to develop solutions for new business ventures. CompEx specializes in interactive mobile marketing, web and mobile application development, business intelligence, infrastructure/security, and digital data management. Our innovative thinking, knowledge and systematic work methodology enable us to provide our customers with timely and highly effective solutions.
For more information about CompEx, Inc. or Mobius, contact our US Headquarters (877) 829-0536 or visit or mobiSHADES.MobiusWorld.ME

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