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MobiUs Web Browser Technology From appMobi – You Won’t Believe What the Mobile Web Can Do Now

BARCELONA, Spain LANCASTER, Pa. Feb. 14, 2011

Many developers and publishers are already using standards-based Web programming languages like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to create feature-rich cross-platform mobile applications.  With MobiUs, these apps run within the open-specifications MobiUs Web browser that also utilizes native smartphone and tablet features, without requiring the compiled binary files typical of downloadable native mobile apps.   This combination delivers the best of both the mobile Web and native app worlds in a single application.  At last, fully-featured WebApps can be distributed through any channel developers and publishers choose – including website downloads – avoiding the often steep fees and content approval processes required by traditional app stores.

The MobiUs WebApp browser technology, together with the appMobi XDK, gives wireless operators, handset manufacturers, browser software companies, major brands and large media providers all the technology, tools and infrastructure required to deliver powerful mobile browsers that run WebApps, build their own app stores, and support large developer ecosystems across multiple devices, platforms and operating systems.  

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The MobiUs Advantage

Until MobiUs, WebApps have been unable to utilize device hardware and storage features.  The MobiUs WebApp browser technology changes the game.  MobiUs is a mobile Web browser reference implementation that harnesses the power of HTML5 and enables Web browsers to cache and run fully-featured Web applications on smartphones and tablets with the same ability to utilize device hardware and storage features previously only possible with native apps.   With MobiUs, even mobile websites can gain native app functionality.  Leveraging powerful JavaScript APIs from the appMobi XDK, PhoneGap and Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), WebApps run via MobiUs can utilize the complete set of device features including:

  • Accelerometer
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Device file and storage system
  • Encrypted data storage and transfer
  • GPS and geo location
  • Notification system (sound and vibration)
  • Touch, gestures and portrait/landscape orientation

In addition to these capabilities MobiUs WebApp browser technology also enables WebApps with:

  • Augmented reality
  • OAuth (Open Authorization)
  • Over-the-air app update capability
  • QR code reader
  • SQL database integration
  • Streaming media

new capabilities

A key new feature appMobi is delivering to the WebApp universe is a frictionless single click (or touch) in-app mobile payment capability.  A MobiUs-equipped browser includes an electronic wallet that enables true one-touch in-app purchases that span all major payment services such as credit cards, payment gateways including Authorize.Net and PayPal, and carrier billing.  One touch payments have been shown in similar implementations to dramatically increase sales volume.


Websites and WebApps that run within the MobiUs browser tap into powerful development, deployment and distribution cloud services from appMobi.  appMobi’s Platform As A Service (PaaS) mobile offerings empower publishers to provide the same experience to which users have become accustomed in the Apple App Store and the Android Market, including frictionless purchasing and easy installation of apps.

MobiUs for End Users

End users will run WebApps via MobiUs the way they do any bookmarked website or other native app.  The WebApp is stored in the browser, and an icon for the app is placed on the device home screen.  With MobiUs, cached WebApps can run without Internet connectivity, just like native apps. In fact, users can surf the mobile Web on their favorite browsers, and when a native feature enabled by MobiUs is required, the MobiUs WebApp technology is summoned to complete the task, returning the user back to the browser and website he was viewing.

Barcelona February 14-17, 2011 [email protected]

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