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Moobiz Web Application Launches

The Moobiz Business Management System, a new concept in business management software, and a software as a service (SaaS) web application, launches today. July 20, 2009 – Press Dispensary – The Moobiz Business Management System, a new concept in business management software, and a software as a service (SaaS) web application, launches today. Designed to help small businesses make the most of the internet, it speeds up key processes such as project management, cost proposal creation, invoicing and accounting. It also provides a central CRM facility and the ability to integrate website management and e-commerce, and allows users to build a system tailored to the specific needs of their business from modular components.

Available via an e-commerce style website, Moobiz allows visitors to use a shopping basket to select the functionality they require and gives pricing ‘on the fly’. Each piece of functionality has a small monthly fee and the first month is free so customers can trial any package before they commit to paying a monthly subscription. Moobiz has recognised bundles that answer specific business goals and offers Accounting, Business Management, Project Management, CRM, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Website Content Management packages, all of which provide users with the option to add additional modules depending on their requirements.

"We want to make a comprehensive business management system available to small businesses at a price point significantly lower than existing systems, without compromising on quality," says Matthew Fenn, director at Mooloop, developer of the system. "Using a self service e-commerce site seemed to make sense and, of course, it allows us to use Moobiz to sell itself."

Built for the small business that needs to juggle customer data management, a website, project management, invoicing and accounting responsibilities, Moobiz is ideal for small service industry companies and provides the flexibility to add or remove functionality quickly to match changing business needs.

"What customers want from web-based business management applications is to be productive quickly and easily, without having to log in and log out of a range of disparate systems," said Fenn. "Moobiz offers a simple and intuitive way of managing a wide range of business activities with integration and a low cost overhead. Effectively, we’ve turned what was traditionally a seven course meal into a buffet."

With a range of functionality covering business management, project management, customer management, e-commerce, web marketing and website content management, each piece of functionality can be used alone or in combination with a small monthly subscription charge per package.

At the heart of Moobiz is a customer relationship management system (CRM) which maintains a singular customer view, ensuring every piece of Moobiz functionality is working with the correct customer details.

"We believe there’s a ‘glass ceiling’ whereby extra functionality within any particular business web application becomes confusing and counter-productive and that the true value is in ease of use, simplicity and interoperability," said Fenn. "We see this ourselves as we run our own business using Moobiz and, hence, use our insights to help improve the system for everyone."

The underlying system has been in constant use and development since 2006 and has been adopted for a wide range of websites. The self service facility is the latest addition and opens up Moobiz to a much wider market.

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Notes for editors
Mooloop Ltd, developer of the Moobiz System, is a web development company providing web applications and websites for a range of clients including George at ASDA, Walmart and Loughborough University.

Learn more about Moobiz:
Contact Moobiz: [email protected]

For further information, please contact:
Matt Fenn, Mooloop
Tel: 0116 326 0102
Email: [email protected]

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