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Morega Systems Awarded Patent for Breakthrough Content Portability Technology that Supports TV Everywhere

Morega’s solution supports the placeshifting of optimized premium content to all types of devices via either streaming or sideloading – and allows the viewing of that content to be tracked

TORONTO July 19, 2011 Morega Systems patent approval

Philip Poulidis

Vince Vittore

Today, the predominant way to "placeshift" content – in other words, to deliver content to any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or a PC – to support TV Everywhere is by streaming content across a broadband network connection. But Morega’s technology takes TV Everywhere to a new level by allowing consumers to placeshift via two methods: adaptive bit rate streaming with quality-of-service or sideloading. With Morega’s unique sideloading solution, authorized users can securely download content either directly from the cloud or from a set-top box onto alternative viewing devices.

This solves two key challenges posed by cloud-based mobile video delivery solutions: First, streaming or sideloading from cable, satellite or IPTV networks at the edge is much more bandwidth-efficient to the operators and requires fewer network resources for transcoded content management and storage. Second, it preserves the original broadcast ads while providing the ability to track and report mobile viewing metrics.  Also, with the sideloading option, users no longer need a broadband network connection to view the content.

In addition, Morega’s sideloading technology uses a sophisticated back-office, standards-based and proprietary authentication, encryption and digital rights management (DRM) system to protect copyrighted material and to assure the delivery of high-quality video entertainment content.

"To date, the adoption of TV Everywhere has also been stifled by content providers’ legitimate concerns about losing advertising revenue," continued Poulidis. "We’ve solved this problem by incorporating a unique back-office analytics system into our solutions that allows content providers and operators to track when specific content is viewed on any device, thus preserving advertising revenue for content providers."

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