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MotionPortrait iPhone Apps Surpass One Million Downloads

TOKYO Jan. 17, 2011 Tokyo, Japan January 17 $0.99 Jan. 26 through 29 San Francisco, CA

$2.99 $0.99 Jan. 17 through 31

Japan Italy Tunisia

By exhibiting at Macworld 2011, MotionPortrait aims to extend the reach of its technology in the US market, the home-base for the iPhone and iPad devices. During the show, the company will be demonstrating its popular apps and will be introducing a new one and an app currently under development.  

MotionPortrait is driven to expand its application business in the US market. Please visit the MotionPortrait booth during Macworld 2011 to experience its advanced technology and explore the entertainment possibilities.

January 26, 2011

[MotionPortrait apps featured during Macworld 2011]

This is MotionPortrait’s signature application which utilizes the MotionPortrait technology to create 3D avatars. A portrait photo is instantly brought to life and starts moving and talking. The technology precisely detects key facial characteristics of a portrait photo and converts the image into 3D. Additional features such as eye glasses and hairstyles can be applied.

One of the most horrifying iPhone apps converts a portrait photo into a terrorizing 3D zombie. This app represents an implementation of the MotionPortrait technology in the entertainment space.

An app for simulating aging effects in high quality 3D. This app represents an implementation of the MotionPortrait technology to enable beauty and cosmetic simulation.

A completely new type of movie platform where you can take your portrait photo and turn yourself into the main character of a movie. This app represents an implementation of the MotionPortrait technology to create synthesized video.

[Exhibit Overview]

San Francisco

January 26-29, 2011

-Location: San Francisco Moscone Center, Booth No. 818

-Featured applications:

PhotoSpeak, HourFace: 3D Aging Photo, ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier, uMovie,

MillionFace,  MPPets Dogs, HauntedFace.3DAnimalizer, PhotoAvatar,

3D Alianizer,  Kairyu’s FaceProfiling, NullFace, and more.

-Supported devices: Phone/iPod touch, iPad

-Photo Opportunities:

* Developer demonstration of the core technologies powering MotionPortrait apps.

* Presentation and demonstration of brand-new apps.

[Campaign iPhone and iPad apps list]



HourFace:  3D Aging Photo

ZombieBooth:  3D Zombifier


PhotoAvatar:  3D Alienizer


MP Pets: Dogs

ZombieBooth HD:  3D Zombifier

Kairyu’s FaceProfiling:  3D Fortune Teller




3D Animalizer



Face Painting 3D

PhotoSpeak Player


Company Description:

July 2007 1-14-10 Tokyo Japan Japan France Italy Belgium Tunisia

*MotionPortrait is a registered trademark of MotionPortrait, Inc.

App Store the United States


Daichi Sasaki / Ryuhei Sadoshima


E-mail:  [email protected]

Tel: +81-3-3440-7500

Fax: +81-3-3440-7590

SOURCE MotionPortrait, Inc.

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