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Movyl Technologies’ Comprehensive AI-Powered Publishing Platform Consolidates Social Marketing Across Channels

San Francisco, CA, May 30, 2018 –(– Movyl Technologies has launched a groundbreaking smart social marketing platform that not only automates the functions of composing, curating, scheduling and publishing content; engaging with influencers; listening across channels; and analyzing social campaigns, but also learns those functions over time. By sharing content across channels and campaigns, the integrated platform provides marketers with prescriptive insights that broaden a brand’s reach and engagement while reducing costs, time and labor.

Budgets for advertising on social media have continued to skyrocket, with analysts expecting growth of over 20% this year. eMarketer projects that Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter will collectively capture over 11% of US advertising spend this year. By 2021, they are expected to grow to 70% of overall marketing budgets.

“We are letting marketers focus on what they do best, strategy and creative vision, rather than the mechanics of creating, publishing and responding to posts,” said Giancarlo Mori, CEO of Movyl Technologies. “As social continues to grow, companies need to continue making significant investments in manpower, time, and services just to keep up. The pace is unsustainable. We have developed our platform to help companies increase the quality and engagement of their content and improve their results using smaller teams.”

Movyl Technologies is leading in the application of using AI toward the growing challenges of social media marketing. The platform uses machine learning techniques such as neural networks and deep learning, natural language processing, and other forms of artificial intelligence to automate nearly all of the social marketing functions across the major social networks. By integrating all of the function of social marketing in one intuitive dashboard, the platform gives marketers the tools and insights they need to create comprehensive online campaigns and assess the effectiveness of those campaigns based on the text and content that their audience shares across channels.

Mori continued, “Marketers are under intense pressure to manage increasing complexity, produce relevant content, and continually attract new users – challenges that cannot be addressed by simply adding headcount. They need to find ways to meaningfully augment productivity and drive scale in order to break through the clutter and generate awareness. That is why we believe that artificial intelligence is an essential tool for efficient and effective social media marketing.”

Brands can amplify their social conversations by automatically composing, iterating relevant content from public and private sources and publishing them to audiences at scale. Once a campaign is launched, the platform automatically responds to posts, analyzes which channels are most appropriate to reach an audience and predicts trends in real-time, adjusting and modifying a campaign to increase customer engagement. The system’s integrated publishing, listening and evaluation capabilities help marketers discover trends and instantly curate content to modify their campaigns and get more return from their investment.

Dr. Robin Gras, Movyl’s Chief Science Officer, explains, “The last 10 years have seen tremendous strides in the development of AI research and applications, particularly with advancements in machine learning technologies. Successes in such complex domains as automatic translation, speech recognition, image analysis and game strategies, have exposed the great potential of these technologies and we now have the ability to apply a very powerful suite of tools and methodologies to automatize tasks, saving companies time and money while also delivering very rich and useful information to them.”

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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and with teams in critical hubs of AI/ML research, Movyl Technologies was founded in 2015 with a mission to utilize AI to innovate and improve business productivity. The company’s revolutionary content-generation platform integrates artificial intelligence with automation technologies, real-time data, predictive modeling and advanced analytics to exponentially increase a company’s social media content capabilities and optimize its campaign performance. For more information, visit

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