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Music in the Cloud at MIDEM 2011

CANNES, France Feb. 9, 2011

More specifically, talk on the MIDEM exhibition floor was about the growth of cloud-based digital services which allow users to access music on different devices via a remote server rather than downloading it onto a computer.

The question is…does every cloud have a silver lining?

January 23 Ireland France Germany Spain Italy

"What makes the cloud possible is technology. Having smartphones and connected TVs creates a platform that certainly wasn’t there before," Thomas Hesse

Jean-Bernard Levy the United States

"The whole digital, connected, cloud, apps and services sector are at the heart of the evolving music market, so it is no surprise to hear so much discussion at MIDEM about how they are impacting on the industry," Bruno Crolot "It’s also no surprise that the number of participants originating from the digital and technical sectors has risen by 30% this year and that the MidemNet Academy Digital Education Sessions were packed. The industry is moving so fast, particularly in the services sector and the use of social networks to reach out to fans, that we made the educational aspect of MidemNet an absolute priority."

Imogen Heap

Startups Ride MIDEM Fast Track


Saul Klein Anne de Kerckhove

"There are some really innovative ideas at all parts of the value chain and it was encouraging to see young companies that have a vision of how to get the music industry working again. In fact, some of them were quite aggressive about challenging old ideas."

Jorgen Parson "I am definitely interested in two of the companies that pitched in the B2B section and will be meeting them during MIDEM."

January 25 Australia

French Vibes Rock MIDEM

Syd Matters France Bruno Crolot Saul Williams

"The MIDEM experience for talent has to be about performing live and having the opportunity to talk business at an international level,"

France Dominique Leguern

Thought Leaders Share Views

David Guetta

Michel Barnier

MIDEM Delegates Think Sync

With synchronization offering new revenue streams for labels, publishers and artists, MIDEM 2011 introduced the inaugural MIDEM Sync day devoted to all aspects of the sync business. The vibrancy of the sync sector was reflected in the growing number of publishers doing business at MIDEM.

"10 to 15 years ago the synchronization business was a very ancillary part of our (music) business, now everybody wants to use this as a platform and an income stream,"

"Music is a great place for brands to build engagement with their audience Alasdair Graham "If nothing else we’ve come to MIDEM for the first time this year to let the music industry know that if they have great innovative ideas for how we can push things forward, then Ogilvy’s all ears."

Julia and Matthew Gurry "We’re working on our second album and part of our goal in attending MIDEM was to look for sync opportunities and to get a better understanding of the sync market," Julia Gurry "The ideal situation would be to use a sync deal as a platform to launch the album," Matthew Gurry "The difficulty if you are an indie and unsigned is finding out what is available in the sync sector. MIDEM has helped us get a better understanding of where to look."

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