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N00bPwners Officially Launches

The purpose of N00bPwners is to have a place for video gamers around the world. The site covers the following video game platforms: Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita, Apple iPad, PC, Android tablets, the Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U. Through having all of this, they provide a place for video gamers to discuss, get informed and meet other people interested in video games. N00bPwners specializes on video game music and how young talented people can start a career in the video gaming industry.

When the team at N00bPwners first started, they did not have it easy. The team was still small and a lot of hard work was needed to get the site to where it is today. The result they got from all this hard work is something that they are proud of.

“It feels like we have accomplished something great,” Brian said when asked about his thoughts on the site. From how he said this, it sounds as if they were a little skeptical at the beginning of N00bPwners.

The team at N00bPwners came together to decide a date for their official launch, since they were still in their “Pre – Launch”. One of them noticed that this year was a leap year, so they decided to make the official launch be a special day. This day turned out to be the 29 of February.

At this moment in time, the team of writers for N00bPwners consists of six people. The writers have a focus on both news in the world of video games, but also on creating their own content. This content includes: reviews, analysis, “Guide to Pwning”, news, Top 10, informative articles and speculation. N00bPwners currently has over 250 entries and articles on their website.

There are surely great things to come for the future of N00bPwners.


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