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Naked Therapy – One of’s Top Ten Sexiest Geeks 2010 Launches New Virtual Practice

NEW YORK Jan. 27, 2011 Sarah White

Naked Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that takes place via live webcam. Just like in traditional therapy, the therapist helps the patient overcome personal problems and realize goals. But Naked Therapy adds an extra element.

"Psychotherapists utilize a variety of modalities – dream analysis, free association, neurolinguistic reprogramming – to help patients integrate unconscious drives or reorganize thought patterns, and I have added a new modality to my toolbox – nakedness – to help the patient reach valuable new levels of awareness and self-empowerment," says Ms. White.

Ms. White typically begins each session fully clothed, and then, depending on the patient’s progress and desire, as well as her own assessment of what is optimal at any given juncture, removes items of clothing as a part of the overall discussion. Her patients are also invited to remain clothed or disrobe as the urge strikes them.

The objective is, in her words, to help her patients achieve "power through arousal." Ms. White believes, and has seen evidence in her sessions, that Naked Therapy offers something valuable that traditional therapy cannot. By joining self-contemplation with other-oriented desire, and by creating a heightened degree of intimacy and trust, Naked Therapy allows the patient to explore new positive channels of power that can be transferred into other areas of his/her life.

"Obviously," Ms. White admits, "my methods could be easily misinterpreted. However, my patients are looking for help, and their main interest is in pursuing genuine therapeutic improvement. As my practice grows, I believe more deeply in Naked Therapy’s power to help people in a positive way."

What kind of problems can be handled by Naked Therapy? "I see all types of men, and even a few women, who present a variety of concerns. Some have deep-seated issues that need to be resolved, but others just want to overcome shyness around women, vent about career frustrations, or need relationship advice. In short, from sexual disfunction and social phobias to intimacy counseling and general life-coaching, Naked Therapy is different for each person."

Any chance the American Board of Professional Psychology will soon be offering certification in Naked Therapy? "The discipline is very new," she says, "and, in the end, I am a scientist and believe that any methodology should show positive empirical results. And I am currently collecting data to show those results, as well as organizing a thorough compendium of my methods for a book. So, we shall see."

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