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Natural Birth Control Methods Gaining Popularity Among Monogamous Couples Worldwide

Use of Safe Period Calculator along with withdrawal method is the preferred method for a "Green" family planning. Safe Period Calculator is recommended for monogamous couples living together and this method is not recommended for teens and those having casual sex with multiple partners.

The idea behind safe period calculator is to prevent or delay unwanted pregnancy naturally without any side effects. Safe Period Calculator is a project designed by popular green job search engine,

Determining the time when it is safe to have intercourse without becoming pregnant can be tricky. What are the methods available? How is the safe period determined? Ovulation is the process when during the menstrual cycle an egg is released from the ovary. When the egg passes through the fallopian tubes is when fertilization may take place. Eggs that are unfertilized may live for up to twelve hours. If the egg is not fertilized it is shed from the body in the menstrual period. You are more likely to become pregnant if intercourse takes place just before or after ovulation.

Your body goes through several hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. If you track these changes you can plan when to have or when to avoid intercourse.

Currently there are a few methods of natural family planning, like less reliable rhythm method and mucus method.

Safe Period Calculator is available online for free for all users. This method is limited to those having regular menstrual cycle ranging from 26 to 32 days only. It is not recommended for those having menstrual irregularity.

Please visit our web site, for the methodology, calculation method and effectiveness of Safe Period Calculator.

Safe Period Calculator is developed by, the fastest growing US green job search engine.

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