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Navigosphere, THE Internet browser sphere will be there, a different and more accessible way to surf

Global approach to Navigosphere

Firstly, Navigosphere is a more efficient and environment-friendly way of surfing on the Internet.Navigosphere is a sphere connected to a 2D browser which allows connecting up to 48 Internet links to only one search bar. Therefore, these 48 links simultaneously become a home and search page.

Concise, consistent and coherent information
Navigospherepaves the way for the use of specialized search engines. For example, users will be able to look up information regarding a movie directly via the specialized movie website instead of having to go through a general search engine (general information offers an intelligent access to more specific information which is integrated into the general information: scattering and division of information are banned in favour of more concise and consistent information gathered in a coherent framework).

With Navigosphere any website with an internal search engine becomes a home page and a search engine.
One side of Navigosphere is dedicated to the Internet while the other is dedicated to the desktop.

Basically, Navigosphere offers several advantages:

It is more environment-friendly (fewer clicks), with just one click it allows to access at least 48 websites for each category which has been created, it is always visible and it offers a Navigosphere desktop side which shows applications other than Internet links, all of this with an ergonomic and powerful access, notably for touch screens.

The Navigosphere desktop goes even further, since it also allows looking for documents or files present on the computer’s hard drive.

This has the advantage of sorting out and separating Internet pages from applications which, accumulated on classic desktops, make users confused and waste their time.
It also has the Navigosphere « problem reminder » which allows solving and handling problems that have been encountered along with an integrated Navigosphere Keyboard, particularly adapted to touch screens.
Finally, nothing beats “taking a look” at this innovation in order to have a better idea of what Navigosphere is, so go ahead and “Watch the video”.
This is an innovative and original Internet approach which you can enjoy all the time.
For further information, read the « Navigosphere Presentation ».

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