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Edison company specializes in security.

Most companies know that a Web presence is ill-advised if not accompanied by security measures. But do they know what to do with the information their security measures collect? We asked Maria DiMarco, director of marketing and communications for Edison-based netForensics, how they help companies see their own security in 3-D.

Tell us a little about netForensics.

netForensics allows enterprises to establish protective cyber-risk measures by implementing a real-time strategy, creating a “virtual team” using existing security resources and accelerating security incident response and recovery capabilities. netForensics solutions enable the company’s customers to gain real-time insight to their security status as events are occurring. Using powerful, industry standard platforms, netForensics’ patent-pending technology is capable of integrating large and complex environments, leveraging security investments and staffing constraints.

Who started the company, and why?

netForensics was started in 1999 by Rajeev Khanolkar and Niten Ved, executives of a professional services firm called NetCom Systems. By that time, just about everyone had been affected by security breaches. And while currently most security breaches (about 90 percent) are either Denial of Service (DoS) or virus attacks, the overall cost of managing attacks and security infrastructures across the United States has continued to rise to about $266 billion, according to InformationWeek. Also, most of today’s threats are more complex “blended” threats that combine a series of attack mechanisms, like Code Red and Nimda. Even so, most companies are more concerned with how to mitigate the rising costs of security event detection and remediation.

What kinds of companies come to you for services?

netForensics’ targets are the Global 2000 enterprises as well as the federal, state and local government sectors.

What’s the most common problem your customers come to you with?

To protect their enterprise perimeter, most companies today invest a tremendous amount in firewalls, anti-virus software, and IDSes. Each year, the number of these devices grows significantly. What’s most significant about that is the amount of alert data produced by each of the devices within any security infrastructure. In a typical enterprise, one device alone can produce up to 1GB of alert information in a single day. IDSes produce over 500,000 messages per day. There’s too much data from security devices today for a security team to monitor — let alone correlate. Most security teams today are simply overwhelmed with the amount of data they must monitor and correlate.

How has the economic slowdown affected your business, and how have you coped?

netForensics has shown its staying power. In fact, in the past 2 quarters we have added 20 new customers per quarter. It shows that people are overwhelmed by the data from the devices (like IDS and firewalls) they’ve deployed and understand that they need to regain control and extract the real value they have come to expect from those expenditures.

What can we expect in the future from netForensics?

netForensics has a road map focused on making sure that all levels of the enterprise, from the security operations staff through executive management and auditor functions, are comfortable that they are doing everything possible to continue ongoing business operations securely. We are currently shipping version 2.3 of netForensics and will continue to release high quality, stable and scalable security solutions as we progress through the near term.

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