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New Academic Website Relieves Test Anxiety with Study Fun

(PRWEB) December 21, 2011

According to educational experts, even the most intelligent students can be affected by a lack of motivation, poor time management, procrastination, and performance anxiety. If parents could encourage their children from an early age to overcome these barriers to learning, they could help them achieve much more over the long-term. is a new website dedicated to providing families with the interactive tools they need to keep kids on the right track with a fun yet targeted approach to lifelong learning.

Unique among online educational sites, is the world’s premier global student assessment portal on the internet, offering subscription-based services that encourage optimum academic performance in scholars of all ages. TellyStudy online activities offer students in second through twelfth grade assistance in all subjects, and even parents can challenge themselves at TellyQuiz.’s expert staff of experienced educators and content experts ensures that each academic topic and every student assessment are not only fact-based but age and grade appropriate. The TellyQuiz platform allows parents to track their children’s academic progress in real-time, facilitating their timely awareness and response to any gaps in knowledge that could critically affect their children’s educational success.

Test anxiety is virtually universal among students, reports the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). At its most severe, test anxiety can create physical symptoms such as headaches and nausea as well as mental confusion that interfere with a student’s ability to access knowledge.

ASCA further explains in the article, “Helping Children Overcome Test Anxiety,” that programs like those offered on teach students strategies that build healthy academic habits. Practicing testing skills can help students tackle test anxiety while improving their ability to perform at their very best in actual testing situations.

University of Chicago researcher Sian Beilock, author of the book “Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To,” adds that “there’s a lot of pressure put on students to perform at high levels. Parents and teachers can do a lot to either increase or decrease the pressure they feel.” is a valuable resource for parents who understand the importance of helping their children learn good academic skills. Children can practice learning strategies and evaluate their own academic progress through the virtual gaming-style atmosphere of As a result, students develop a fearless love of learning that translates into test-taking confidence as well. By fine-tuning their learning skills, knowledge and study habits through the TellyStudy programming, students can develop a clear educational advantage over their peers that promises better performance throughout their elementary, middle, high school and college studies.

TellyQuiz offers detailed instruction, references and fun quizzes on all academic subjects, including Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, English, Geography, Social Awareness and much more. The website also contains specially-designed sections that prepare students for standard academic tests such as the GRE, SAT, and GMAT. includes tutorials that translate often difficult subject matter, such as Trigonometry, into more accessible formats, and the Learning Center pages provide comprehensive course work for study review. Enthusiastic learners who enjoy challenging themselves can explore more advanced subjects than they would normally have access to in their grade levels at school.

Because TellyQuiz is primarily focused on the fun in education, the website includes features that students of all ages enjoy. The Play Quiz with Friends feature opens an interactive portal through which students can challenge their contemporaries, via personal invitation, to compete in a friendly atmosphere that promotes the free exchange of knowledge.

In addition, TellyQuiz creators have included a Jokes section where students can get warmed up for their learning session or reward themselves with a rib-tickler for work well done. Finally, in the Quotes and Inspiration pages, TellyQuiz subscribers can find motivational support from great scholars through the ages that will speed them on their quest for knowledge.

Well-prepared learners are more effective on testing days and more relaxed when challenged with impromptu quizzes than learners who have not fine-tuned their academic skills. That is why parents are turning to the effective educational assistance at, where learning is always fun, for the tools that help their children optimize their academic success.


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