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New and Improved Eye Massager Helps Relieve Digital Eye Strain

NewYork, NY, April 29, 2019 –(– In-Trust is announcing its pre-launch campaign, offering significant discounts for early-bird purchasers, for the new version of its AURAI eye massager, AURAI 2 (RIO).

Long-term exposure to the glare of screens from both computers and mobile devices has resulted in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), otherwise known as digital eye strain. Symptoms include: dry eyes, red or irritated eyes; blurred vision; eye fatigue; neck and shoulder pain; headaches; and poor-quality sleep. In-Trust has developed AURAI, and is currently launching AURAI 2, to help alleviate the eye and vision-related problems that have arisen as a result of this increased screen exposure.

Following the success of AURAI, AURAI 2 is an improved therapeutic water-propelled eye massager that is more portable than the original, and offered at a dramatically lower price. It offers a soothing eye massage, particularly tailored to those looking for a warm compress. This version has eliminated the need for a water bottle, making it far more convenient for people on the move.

Features of AURAI 2 include:

Eye massager utilizing water vibration to relax muscle tension around the eyes, a more gentle experience compared to typical machine massager

Two-phase warm compress that soothes eye strain and eases the discomfort of dry eyes; users can switch temperatures at will

Water bag with medical-grade silicone, ensuring a gentle massage with no fear of excessive pressure on the eyeballs

Eye mask made from hypo-allergenic silicone that molds easily to different face shapes

Neoprene strap to ensure long-lasting elasticity, stability and comfort

Following AURAI 2’s debut in early January, In-Trust will launch a landing page campaign at the end of the month. This email campaign will give purchasers the chance to obtain an AURAI 2 at a heavily discounted “super early-bird” price of just $79 US; they will also be notified of the Kickstarter fundraiser that will follow.

About In-Trust:

Head-quartered in Taiwan, In-Trust is comprised of a team of electronics consumer and lifestyle-product industry experts that aims to develop a range of health products. Their initial product, AURAI, was produced to alleviate eye fatigue and strain resulting from overexposure to screens and won the 2015 Good Design Award.

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