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New Biomarker Raises Hope of Early Detection, Treatment of Mesothelioma

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

The Mesothelioma Resource Center at is pleased to announce the results of an international joint research project from the University of Hawaii which could help with early detection and treatment options for mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly cancer that affects nearly 3,000 people each year. The disease attacks the lining of the body’s organs in the chest and abdomen, and is caused almost exclusively by exposure to asbestos fibers.

Currently, there is no known cure for mesothelioma, and treatment is limited by the fact that the disease is usually discovered late, after a long latency period of 20-50 years. An invasive biopsy is the only means of detection at present.

Now, a team of international researchers led by doctors at the University of Hawaii has discovered a unique protein called HMGB1 present with malignant mesothelioma, which may serve as a biomarker for future research.

The results were published in the May, 2012 issue of Cancer Research. In the release, researchers explained that they believe the discovery will outline the process by which mesothelioma grows, giving them a unique opportunity to fight the disease.

Lead researcher Dr. Yang commented, “We are very excited about this discovery. The next step is to translate this discovery into actual treatments for mesothelioma patients.”

This discovery is one of several in recent months to offer hope to victims of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Last month, Australian researchers at the European Lung Cancer Conference (ELCC) in Geneva, Switzerland announced that they had identified different blood markers that could lead to simpler, faster and earlier detection.

In March, the European medical journal, Lung Cancer reported that Dutch researchers at the University of Amsterdam Medical Center had also discovered an alternative means of detecting mesothelioma, through a unique breath test.

The Mesothelioma Resource Center hopes the current trend of positive research into the detection, treatment and prevention of mesothelioma will continue. The Department of Health estimates millions of American workers were exposed to asbestos in the past 50 years as the substance was used in thousands of products and building materials.

For now, anyone who is diagnosed with mesothelioma should contact a mesothelioma lawyer to learn about their legal rights to recover for the treatment, suffering and loss from the disease through a mesothelioma lawsuit.

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