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New Book on Reinvention From Award-Winning Author Set to Debut

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. May 21, 2012 Ken Thurber Do Not Invent Buggy Whips May 22

Do Not Invent San Francisco

Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management, Marketing and Investing

According to the author, "I found that my first book raised many questions, chief among them was – how do people innovate and how do you define innovation." To answer these and other questions about product launches both good and bad, the author began to draw on his more than 40 years experience as an innovator, company creator and product developer to explore the issues of why some products succeed and others fail.

According to Thurber, the three key elements for any product launch are "What If," "Who Cares" and "Market Size." All three questions must be answered for anyone trying to develop a truly disruptive and potentially viable product. For anyone who wants to understand how to create and craft products that have a chance at success, this book has ideas and stories on innovations past and present.

Like the buggy whip, many products die due to advances in technology, but according to Thurber there is a solution: reinvention. In basic terms, reinvention means to take a product and change it in a way that makes it unique and up to date. Thurber runs through the reinvention process with clear examples, such as the iPod, charting its evolution from such classics as the Walkman, the boom box, and the cassette player.

Thurber not only talks about product creation, but as importantly, product positioning. In his words… not only the "What if" but the "Who cares." And he shows you the littered path of both successes and failures. He’s at his best when he examines real world examples from the realm of business and art, such as the Mustang, Starbucks, Segway and perhaps the greatest re-inventor of all — Picasso. Picasso’s reinterpretation of Las Meninas is a look at the master artist as master re-inventor.

This book is a must-read for the entrepreneur, the businessman and the individual who truly wants to understand not only product reinvention, but why it’s important to keep reinventing yourself as well. The book is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

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Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management, Marketing and Investing

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