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Fretting about complex technology? Turn to New Boundary Technologies for some straightforward insight on IT management and remote monitoring.

Fretting about complex technology? Turn to Minneapolis-based New Boundary Technologies for some straightforward insight on IT management and remote monitoring. CEO and president Kim Pearson talks about technology, islands, and swimming against the current.

How did New Boundary Technologies get started?

We were pioneers in using PCs to monitor and control devices for medical research, developing software to help researchers better understand how the human brain develops and how pain functions. One of our most rewarding projects was working with Harvard University doctors to dramatically reduce the symptoms of late-stage Parkinson’s disease.

When computer networks emerged in the ’90s, we saw the opportunity to develop network software to manage the configuration of PCs remotely. Over the last 15 years, we’ve developed a number of products that make it easy to install and configure software and manage the security of desktops, laptops and servers in organizations of all sizes.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

The Internet connected computers on a global scale, so computers are no longer the islands they were in the ’80s. Users have access to an incredible amount of information, but the cost is eternal vigilance. In the connected world, securing computers is critical.

We provide powerful but easy-to-use products that automate computer security. Traditional network security takes a fortress approach–building a strong defense perimeter to keep threats outside. That’s important, but it’s not enough. Our approach is to configure every computer on the network for maximum security, like giving everyone inside the fortress a suit of armor.

What makes your company unique?

New Boundary Technologies is unique because we’ve had 20 years of profitable growth without any outside investment. During the tech boom of the ’90s, we made a decision to stay private and focus on product quality and customer service. So during the dot-bomb era when thousands of tech companies failed or downsized, we maintained double-digit, profitable growth. We were swimming against the current, but our decision positioned us for greater long-term success. We are also unique in our customer focus. It’s pretty common for customers to tell us we provide the best customer support they’ve ever experienced–from any company, for any product.

What kind of challenges does your company face?

One challenge is that the rapid advances in technology create more opportunities than we can pursue. We always have to prioritize which opportunities we go after. The upside to that is we tend to focus on what we do well, so we can set the quality bar very high. And because we have to do our homework, we’re pretty successful when we enter a new market.

What does Policy Commander add to the marketplace? How will it benefit customers?

Policy Commander is the first product to make it easy to keep thousands of computers secure at the system level–automatically. Today, most companies have no way to tell if their computers are secure. Companies also have a new need to ensure the privacy and integrity of electronic information to comply with regulations like Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA. Policy Commander shows users at a glance when computers are not compliant with security policies, and automatically fixes them.

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