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New Employee Monitoring Software Lets You “See What Your Employees Are Really Working On

Increasingly, managers are turning to employee computer monitoring.  The good news is that monitoring employees’ behavior is easier than ever. So says Sandeep Verma, the founder and CEO of Nucleus Data Recovery (, the creators of Employee Desktop Live Viewer, a new software package that offers real-time computer monitoring. “Unlike keystroke loggers or software that only monitors Internet usage, Employee Desktop Live Viewer allows managers a real-time view of employees’ computer monitors,” Verma says from his office headquarters in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Cost-efficient, flexible and easy to use, Employee Desktop Live Viewer also skirts the need to go back and wade through reams of Web logs, although documentation exists as backup. The software records the screen shots as an AVI video file—the length of the recording is up to the manager—for playback when and if necessary. Remote monitoring can be scheduled for off-times, too, during weekends or holidays, for instance, when a manager might not be available for real-time monitoring. Small and midsized businesses benefit most from the software, according to Verma, and see nearly immediate increases in productivity.

In fact it was in response their customers’ requests that Nucleus Technologies developed the computer-monitoring software, and in real time. In addition to voicing their concerns about productivity, clients also wanted a means of overseeing and guarding proprietary company information. Often charged with the job of monitoring computers, IT managers in particular wanted to avoid the need to slog through old Web logs, a time-consuming task at best.  

According to USA Today, “Firms have become sharp-eyed, keenly eared watchdogs as they try to squeeze every penny’s worth of their employees’ salaries and to ensure they have the most professional and lawsuit-proof workplaces. More employers use tech to track workers.”  Any right to privacy has been shot down repeatedly, most recently by the Supreme Court in City of Ontario, CA v. Quon. According to that verdict, employees should have no expectation of privacy when it comes to their online activity.  

“The relationship between employer and employee may be complex or simple, and certainly privacy may be a part of that,” says Verma. “But employers can’t hope to maintain required levels of productivity from employees who put texting and Facebooking above their jobs.” Computer monitoring is, he believes, the answer for many companies trying to compete in the global marketplace.

About Nucleus Data RecoveryNucleus Data Recovery is an award-winning software developer committed to providing easy-to-use software for use by technical and nontechnical users. It was founded in 2005 by Sandeep Verma to create software for data recovery and repairing corrupted files. Nucleus Data Recovery’s software is used extensively worldwide by universities and government agencies.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the company’s first monitoring software. Web site:
For further information, contact Mantra Public Relations at +1-212-645-1600. 

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