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New Entrepreneurial Business Blog Surfaces With a Twist

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) March 30, 2012

What makes Geoff Lilienfeld’s blog different from every other business blog out there? In his opinion the difference is that his blog is “super.”

Lilienfeld cleverly named his blog Geoff Lilienfeld’s Super Blog under the pretense that “my blog is about more than just how to make money by being an affiliate publisher and how to drive more web traffic. My blog is about how to be successful in business and life both on and offline.” Lilienfeld is quite clearly a person that thoroughly enjoys the topics of business and life. Lilienfeld claims that “I enjoy business as a hobby but am by no means a workaholic.” Lilienfeld tells that many of his principles are taken from Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Workweek; a book he and many others claim changed their outlook on business. The book, like Lilienfeld’s blog, teaches readers how to outsource many aspects of starting a business.

Lilienfeld has an approach to creating online businesses that involves testing the concept and monetizing later. One thing that Lilienfeld sees as a fault of his is that he sometimes forgets the monetization aspect when he gets too excited finding more repeat users.

Lilienfeld created birthdayFB, a Facebook birthday app dedicated to helping users automatically post Facebook happy birthday wall posts. The app allows users to login and schedule happy birthday Facebook messages by typing in custom Facebook wall posts or by selecting pre-canned messages, and then it does the dirty work. The user schedules a two-hour interval in which the app is to post the message. At a random time during that window (on the morning of the friend’s birthday) the message is posted to their wall without the app identifying itself. “Of course we’d gain more buzz if the app identified itself but that would defeat the purpose” Lilienfeld responds to inquiries on why the app is so stealth.

The “Super Blog” gets into other matters as well: girls doing the worm, cab drivers he’s met, how to talk to a real person on the phone instead of an IVR, and many more. He also discusses the creation of, a website / processing facility, and iPhone refurbishing shop Lilienfeld created that allows users to sell their old or broken iPhone. An industry that is now flourishing.

While the blog does not currently discuss much in the way of affiliate publishing, Lilienfeld does have plans to tell the world about his individual experience with different affiliate networks. A topic few have knowledge of considering the large scale affiliate network spends it takes to write an accurate affiliate network review from the advertiser perspective.

Geoff Lilienfeld’s Super Blog was created by Geoff Lilienfeld, the President and Founder of as well as birthdayFB to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business. is a site that allows users to sell iPhones including their used and broken iPhones. birthdayFB is a free facebook app that allows users to pre schedule happy birthday wall posts.

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