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New IBM zEnterprise Mainframe Server Advances Smarter Computing for Companies and Governments in Emerging Markets and Mid-size Clients around the World

ARMONK, N.Y. July 12, 2011

  • New z114 designed to consolidate workloads from hundreds of x86 servers
  • Costs 25% less and offers up to 25% performance improvements over IBM z10 BC Servers
  • $75,000
  • Ability to manage workloads on select System x blades now available
  • Designed to deliver Smarter Computing capabilities

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IBM also introduced new features that allow the zEnterprise System to integrate and manage workloads on additional platforms.  New today is support for select System x blades within the zEnterprise System.   These select System x blades can run Linux x86 applications unchanged, and in the future will be able to run Windows applications.   With these capabilities, the zEnterprise System including the new z114 can help simplify data centers with its ability to manage workloads across mainframe, POWER7 and System x servers as a single system.  Using the zEnterprise Blade Center Extension (zBX), customers can also extend mainframe qualities, such as governance and manageability, to workloads running across multiple platforms.  

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zEnterprise 114

With the z114, clients can start with smaller configurations and access additional capacity built into the server as needed without increasing the data center footprint or systems management complexity and cost.  The new z114 is also designed to consolidate workloads from hundreds of x86 servers.  


The z114 offers up to an 18%(5) performance improvement for processing traditional System z workloads over its predecessor the z10 BC, and up to an additional 25%(6) improvement for microprocessor intensive workloads using compiler enhancements.

The z114 runs all the latest zEnterprise operating systems including the new z/OS V 1.13  announced today.  This new version adds new software deployment and disk management capabilities.  It also offers enhanced autonomics and early error detection features as well as the latest encryption and compliance features extending the mainframe’s industry leading security capabilities.  

Additional compliance and encryption features, the result of a multi-year effort from IBM Research, further enhance security with cryptography built into the DNA of System z, by designing hardware with processor and coprocessor based encryption capabilities.

Hybrid Computing

In a move that will further simplify data center management and reduce costs, IBM is also announcing the ability to integrate and manage workload on select IBM System x servers running Linux as part of the zEnterprise System(7).  Support for Microsoft Windows on select System x servers will follow.

IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension

The zEnterprise System can now integrate and manage workloads running on tens of thousands of off-the-shelf applications on select general purpose IBM POWER7-based and System x blades as well as the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer to analyze data faster at a lower cost per transaction and the IBM WebSphere DataPower XI50 for integrating web based workloads.  

Up to 112 blades can be integrated and managed as part of zBX.  Different types of blades and optimizers can be mixed and matched with in the same BladeCenter chassis.

New Financing Options

IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing options for existing IBM clients looking to upgrade to a z114 as well as clients currently using select HP and Oracle servers.

For current System z clients, IBM Global Financing (IGF) can buy back older systems for cash and upgrade customers to the z114 on a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, which offers a predictable monthly payment.  IGF will remove and recycle these older systems in compliance with environmental laws and regulations and pay clients the fair market value of  HP and Oracle-Sun servers.   IGF is also offering a 6 month deferral of any hardware, software, services or any combination for clients who wish to upgrade now, but pay later.

IGF is also offering a 0% financing for 12 months on any IBM Software, including IBM middleware for the z114 such as Tivoli, WebSphere, Rational, Lotus and Analytics products.

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$75k $100k October 2008

(2) The z114 will exhibit up to 25% increase for CPU intensive workload as provided by multiple C/C++ compiler level improvements when going from z/OS 1.09 to z/OS 1.12-

(3) Based on consolidation of x86 servers running Oracle software including the cost of the hardware, software license charges, software support, and servers in a 3 year TCA of including discounted z/VM license and support, and hardware maintenance over a 3 year period.  

$1370 $460 $1.25

(5) Relative capacity and performance compares at equal software levels as measured by IBM Large System Performance Reference (LSPR) workloads using z/OS® 1.11, Results may vary

(6) The z114 will exhibit up to 25% performance improvement, based on measurements and projections, for CPU intensive workloads when accompanied by multiple C/C++ compiler level improvements going from XL C/C++  V1R9 to V1R12

(7) General availability for select System x blades is expected on 9/26/11.

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