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New Magnet Based T Shirt Clips Make A Style Statement

The site features how the decorative garment clip develops gathers on fabric which can make even a simple and ordinary garment look stylish. It shows how the t shirt clips can be used to hold the fabric from the side waist, mid waist, or cleavage, imparting a better fit and enhancing the style quotient. Similarly, these unique clips not only hold the many drapes and gathers of the beautiful evening or wedding dress together, but also provide an element of distinctiveness to it. Even a plain and simple waist belt can be turned into a noticeable fashion belt using these well-crafted clips. These can also be used as a scarf brooch to secure the neck scarf with the shoulder and also to tie the scarf around a fancy hat.

The use of magnet enables the clip ends to retain a tighter hold on the fabric. The site claims that the new product is designed to be used with almost all types of fabrics and there will not be any damage to the fabric, which other items, like safety pins can do. The site also demonstrates ways to wear this on different pieces of clothing and fabrics with pictures and video. The use of t shirt clips demonstrates that they can be used on all types of knitted hosiery fabrics.

The site lists these clips and other accessories in following categories: beaded, charm clips, clip sets, extra charms, fashion colors, fashion finishes, fashion jewelry, hats and scarves, sarongs, and a few others. The clips can be bought online after the users register themselves as members. The site also offers to sell these clips along with the matching fashion jewelry and the latest designed beach sarongs. The ‘Best Featured’ section guides the customers on the hot and fast moving designs of the t shirt clips. The customers can view the prices of the products in five currencies, US dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and Pound. The site uses shipping services of the US Postal Service (USPS) and the UPS. It also allows returns within 30 days of purchase.

A word of caution on using these magnetic clips is also mentioned on the website. It states that these should not be kept near any magnetic media or electronic appliances since these strong neodymium magnets have a potential to damage them. Similarly, the t shirt clips have to be kept away from people who have a pacemaker or any other similar medical device installed, and also from small children.

For more information on t shirt clips and other t&b clips please visit the given link.

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