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New Multi-Users & Multi-Devices Features Added to Bulletin’s Web-to-Mobile Text Messenger

[1]( Sept 27, 2011) – More and more businesses are turning to computer-based SMS Text Messaging to stay in touch with customers and employees. To better serve their needs, announces the addition of two new features for its cloud based TXT Messenger service. First, in addition to sending text messages and getting replies delivered back into the web based User-Interface, they can now also be forwarded to a mobile phone. Secondly, a business can now instantly set up six users all operating under a single main account. These two new features are available from today for all current and new subscribers.Forward-to-Mobile:The forward-to-mobile feature means text messages can be sent from the Bulletin Text User-Interface on any computer and replies received on the sender’s mobile phone, as well as the UI. This gives businesses and personal users the ease of typing on a full-size keyboard and the convenience of using a computer to send and file their text messages. It also means that they can get replies instantly when away from their computer because they can arrive on their mobile phone as well.Bulletin.Net Inc sees this as another important step forward in unifying the best of computer and mobile messaging user-experiences. Bruce Herbert, president & COO said, “Much of the continued massive growth of text messaging is being driven because people know it’s the quickest and most reliable way to contact people and to be contacted. More recently, businesses in particular are turning to sending their texts from computers. This way they get the benefits of easier typing and managing of messages, especially when sending out to groups of customers and colleagues. Just because messages are sent from a computer though doesn’t mean the sender wants to be constantly monitoring it for replies. Often they still want a reply immediately when they have stepped away from their computer or are out and about. The new forward-to-mobile feature in Bulletin’s web-text-messaging console will get their message to them. Bulletin TXT Messenger is giving businesses the power of Text Messaging with the ease of emailing.”By simply entering into the User-Interface the mobile number replies are to be forwarded to, they will be sent automatically. This can be toggled on or off at any time from the web-console and also from the user’s mobile phone.Free Multi-User Platform:Because of the rapid increase in computer-to-mobile text messaging by businesses, the company has also added a free multi-user platform. Up to six users in a business can be given access to their own Text Message User-Interface, all controlled by the main account holder. More users can be added at any time. Bruce Herbert commented further, “We have clients who run hundreds of users all from one master account. Recognizing that many of these are businesses who initially started with a few employees sending messages and then expanded their service, we have therefore opened up this instant online activation platform. It’s easy and gives total control over usage to a business. It lets them immediately experience the benefits of text messaging from any computer and web-device.”A free trial of Bulletin TXT Messenger can be set up in seconds at [2]. The Cloud User-Interface is accessed from any web computer or device. There are no set up or monthly charges and users only pay for messages they send and Bulletin does not charge for replies. Message prices start at 3 cents to USA phones and the company also provides a full two-way international service. A dedicated phone number can now also be assigned for as little as $60 per year. Bulletin’s patented mTag threading technology additionally means that, unlike standard text messaging services, the reply can always have the original message attached to it. This means there is total clarity about what a reply message relates to, which is often important or essential for a business to know and record.About Inc is a world-renowned developer and supplier of web-to-mobile messaging software and services, including SMS Text Messaging, Email, IM and MMS. Services include a powerful and robust SMS Gateway and API to easily connect any web and software application to the global SMS network. Ready-to-use interfaces are available to enable clients to integrate SMS Text Messaging into their services for their clients and to improve operations of their own business. With successful businesses established in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, The Philippines and China, Bulletin also holds patents for technology which uniquely provides clients with 2-way conversation threading for web-to-mobile text messaging.### [1] [2]

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