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New Online Hub Aims to be Go-to Destination for Medical Dictation Needs

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 30, 2012

Capitalizing on the growing trend towards Electronic Health Records adoption, Next Generation Technologies, an industry leader in digital dictation solutions, is launching their new one-stop online destination for medical practitioners.

The upcoming site, will feature Dragon® Medical Practice Edition the voice recognition software for medical practices with 24 or fewer physicians — and a curated selection of related technologies, such as microphones and recorders, to optimize this application.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have a number of benefits for physicians besides allowing them to get out from under their clinical documentation and back to patient care. Practices switching from transcription to voice recognition software can enhance their EHR flow through and save nearly $12,000 in annual transcription costs (per provider)!    

Next Generation Technologies chose to feature Dragon Medical Practice Edition on their newest website because it is a smart software solution known to overcome some of the obstacles presented by other speech solutions. Unique features of DMPE include the “hidden dictation box” and “express web searches” functionality.    

Some interfaces won’t let the user view and edit more than one note at a time – a problem when medical professionals need to refer back to previous visit notes when updating the most recent chart entry. DMPE’s “hidden dictation box” functions as an audio clipboard. Clinicians can record their dictation while viewing a previous EMR entry, but commit the speech-to-text notation in the new entry. When more reference is required beyond a past chart and outside information altogether, the “express web search function” on DMPE is a great solution. Before, the medical professional would have needed to exit the program to perform the desired reference search. Now, using DMPE’s “express web search,” a provider can execute a web-based research query within the program, getting the necessary information without disrupting the train of thought regarding the patient.

Documentation for meaningful use of electronic health records can also be easily done through Dragon Medical Practice Edition. While documenting meaningful use is a requirement in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, those that take advantage of products like DMPE to facilitate the process are eligible for federal stimulus payments of up to $44,000 over a four-year period.

“Dragon is reliable and easy to learn. This makes it great for busy emergency department physicians,” says Galen Wright Heacock, a consultant with Vitalize Health Solutions. “The transition from transcription dictation to Dragon is almost seamless.”

While Dragon Medical Practice Edition itself confers many benefits to the small medical practice, Next Generation Technologies’ expertise leverages the software to confer even more advantages. The company has a 19-year track record of success in the field of speech recognition technologies and has been a partner of Nuance since Dragon Medical’s inception. They provide in-person or remote technical support and software training to make sure the practice gets the full benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Next Generation can also go a step further, writing custom code into the program for even easier, more intuitive use.

In many programs, the user interface is not designed with the clinician in mind – it can take 16 separate clicks to send a fax of one EMR! Next Generation’s technical support can write custom code so physicians can have a program that does what they need it to, on command. Simply speak the custom command and the program does what you need it to – no long winding roads of mouse clicks that take the clinician away from the primary goal of effective patient care documentation.

With the launch of Next Generation will be providing solutions for their clients. “The goal of the people-centric company,” says President Ed Rosenthal, “is to give customers proven options that they can rely on to meet their needs.” Far from being just another vendor, the company provides a turnkey solution for the digital dictation needs of small medical practices. Client, Galen Heacock added, “I know I can count on Ed and his team for great customer satisfaction, experience, excellent training, and availability.”

About Next Generation Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1993 in Seattle, Washington, Next Generation Technologies, Inc. is a custom solutions provider of technologies to the health care industry. In medical services, the company’s goal is to provide a single source consultancy for state-of-the-art medical dictation technologies, with complete professional services and support available. Next Generation can provide workflow analysis, implementation design planning, deployment technical services, remote and onsite training services, and ongoing technical support. Their strategic affiliations with corporate and technology partners provide complete customer solutions and satisfaction. Headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington, Next Generation Technologies Inc. consults both regionally and nationally with a broad range of clients.

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