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New Product Helps Moms Protect Their Children’s Privacy on Social Networks

EDISON, N.J. Feb. 10, 2011

Privacy hackers use advanced software, such as Keyloggers, which enables them access to a myriad of private information including passwords, social security numbers and important financial information. Reports claim that 70% of online attacks involve unauthorized entrance into bank and brokerage accounts.

Children’s online identities can be stolen by Keyloggers software that can see everything that is typed, including passwords. For example, the privacy hackers can steal a child’s Social Network password, log on as them and then write nasty things to all of their friends. This is one of the worst things a child could ever imagine happening to them. The privacy hackers can even spy on children by turning on their webcam and or microphone, enabling them to see and/or hear everything a child does in their own home.

Parent’s privacy can also easily be violated. Privacy hackers can steal their social security number and money from bank and brokerage accounts.

A major reason for this lack-of-privacy problem is that when friends share information on Social Networks it becomes easy to mistakenly click on bad links embedded within pictures and messages.

One of these bad links is actually invisible, called Clickjacking, and has been placed over popular buttons on Social Network websites, such as the "Like" button on Facebook News. When the button is clicked, the privacy hacker’s software is downloaded, enabling them to take over your children’s and/or your own computer.  

Today’s basic anti-virus security software is not strong enough to deal with Keylogging, Clickjacking and other sophisticated softwares that the privacy hackers use. This is especially true for the nearly half of the marketplace that uses free anti-virus software.

Realizing that no single piece of software can address the problem, uses a totally different approach by combining two software products that make Keyloggers and Clickjacking and other attacks obsolete.


Edison, NJ

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