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New Structural Health Monitoring Smart System Enables Building Owners to Act More Quickly Following a Seismic Event

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. July 15, 2011 real-time

Measuring the structural integrity of a building following a seismic event is a critical precursor to enabling a building to re-open or begin repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.  However, the traditional methods of visually inspecting a facility – particularly during a post-event – can be both time-consuming and inconclusive.

Following an earthquake event, building owners, facility managers and structural engineers are confronted with many uncertainties – Is all or part of the building safe?  Is it necessary to evacuate occupants?  Can building occupants be allowed back into the building?  Are ancillary but critical operations functioning effectively to support occupancy?

While issues of safety and security are paramount in the short-term, longer-term impacts on productivity and profitability are also critical.

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"Building owners and managers are required to wait in line for their buildings to be visually inspected and tagged by city officials, or evaluated by an engineer in order to assess the status of their building," said Dr. Naeim. "Even if you have an engineer in place before an extreme event happens, it may only reduce the wait time for a visual inspection and assessment from weeks to days.  But many buildings need to make decisions within minutes."

When an event occurs and sensor thresholds are exceeded, REFLEXX generates detailed analyses and reporting for the structural engineer to understand key building response parameters, including: accelerations, displacements, velocities, interstory drift ratios and story forces and shears.  The smart system provides instantaneous information critical to assist in the building’s diagnosis and recovery plan. Within 15 minutes of an event, REFLEXX will send a detailed report describing the structural health of the building at the global, floor-by-floor, and even component level.

REFLEXX also allows the building to access a report with damage cost estimations and repair time expectations for various components down to the server, ceiling tile and HVAC systems.  This data allows the building owner to make plans for re-occupation and repairs in a timely manner.

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Turnkey System

REFLEXX incorporates the onsite data acquisition hardware for local and remote broadcasting of sensor data, the sensors and cabling, and software licensing.  The smart system also provides full installation and the retained services of a structural engineering partner.  The REFLEXX system can also be customized to accommodate buildings where sensors and/or engineering services are already in place.

The system can be manually triggered to provide an on-demand building health assessment or will be automatically triggered by sensor threshold exceedance.

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