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New Study Finds 82% of European Organisations Suffer Application Performance Problems

LONDON May 23, 2012

IT decision makers suffering from a lack of visibility into network performance and business critical applications


Killer Apps 2012 ,

The highlights of the pan-European findings include:

A lack of visibility when it comes to networked applications:

  • Nearly one in three respondents do not know the number of apps running on their corporate network
  • 69% do not have visibility of the bandwidth requirements each network application requires
  • 55% of respondents rely on the ‘final line of defence’, namely user complaints, as their primary performance metric


  • 82% of respondents report speed and responsiveness problems in the past 12 months
  • 43% of companies highlighted that these issues are becoming ‘more frequent’
  • Enterprise, line of business, voice and collaboration applications were cited by 65% of respondents as being the most likely to suffer performance problems

In many organisations the network is ‘over provisioned’ suggesting inefficient application of bandwidth

  • 72% of respondents said the network is only used to its full data transmission capacity occasionally or very infrequently
  • The vast majority of companies (86%) report increasing bandwidth requirements

Justin Fielder " This study should trigger alarm bells for IT managers, and highlights the importance of a true understanding of the performance of applications on an enterprise network. However, the answer is not to be found in a panacea product businesses need to combine professional counsel and in-depth analytics to establish a robust, long-term approach not just to today s problems, but to those forecast for tomorrow. "

Thierry Grenot " Enterprises need to be more agile in order to reach the business outcomes they expect from strategic IT transformations, such as cloud computing and Unified Communications deployments. The report findings strongly suggest that businesses could benefit from understanding their networks more thoroughly in order to target bandwidth to those applications the business relies on, reducing investment in unnecessary capacity. "

" Right now there is a perfect storm emerging as companies face an explosion of bandwidth requirements from less critical applications, coupled with the need to reduce expenditure. Today s CIOs require a rock solid yet flexible network which is align ed to the priorities of the organisation. That necessitates a more sophisticated approach to networking which includes high levels of visibility and control in order to solve the delivery challenges posed by the complexity of cloud applications . "

Justin Fielder Thierry Grenot [email protected]

About the research

Killer Apps 2012 Europe France Spain Italy Belgium

The breakdown of response numbers is:

  • UK – 210
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Benelux – 129

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