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New Study Shows How ebooks Have Changed the Reading Landscape

DENVER Jan. 31, 2011

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The study found that the top three reasons MFD users prefer reading on their device as opposed to a hard copy book are the convenience it offers (80%), the ease of purchasing ebooks (61%) and the backlit screen (41%). Moreover, the three most common occasions for reading on MFDs are: while traveling (72%), while waiting for an appointment (72%) and while relaxing (70%).

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Qualitatively, consumers provided the reasoning behind why their reading habits have increased, and the story surrounding the benefits that MFDs and ebooks offer:

Increased Reading

Respondents indicated they are "time-filling reading" primarily on a MFD. Because respondents nearly always have these devices with them, they use them to read ebooks during otherwise "dead" pockets of time, such as when waiting at the doctor’s office or while their kids play on the playground.

"When we’re going somewhere in the car and my husband is driving, I’ll read some. If my kid is playing on the playground or something, I’ll sit and read while she’s playing. It’s just convenient to pull out if I have a few minutes that I’m not doing anything." Female 25-34


The greatest benefit of the ebook experience stems from the tremendous convenience of storing books on devices that respondents nearly always have on hand. Rather than lugging heavy paper books or being stuck with just one or two titles, an ereader (whether multi-function or dedicated) allows users the luxury of having an entire library at their fingertips.

"I like being able to have many books that I can choose from to read all in one place… All I have to do is download whatever books I want to read to my devices and I can read one book for a while or switch to another book if my mood changes and I want to read something else." Male 25-34

Digital Format

The digital format provides a variety of secondary benefits that enhance the ebook experience. These include the ability to adjust text size, make notes or highlight text, bookmark pages, search within a text and read easily in the dark.

"I also like that I can easily highlight them without ”ruining” them… It lets me easily reference things in the future. It’s like being able to put unlimited bookmarks in a book without having them stick out all over the place." male, 25-34

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