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New Survey Reveals 30% Computer Users Would Sacrifice Morning Coffee to be Spam-Free

Computer users are willing to go so far as to give up their most coveted vices to alleviate mounting spam frustrations.Almost a third of survey respondents admitted they would willingly give up their morning coffee in order to be free of spam, while over 40% would sacrifice their afternoon office snack. An additional 18% said they would even give up coveted vices such as happy hour drinks to relieve their inboxes of spam.

Drilling deeper into current attitudes, SPAMfighter found 55% noted significant frustration caused by spam, while half admitted spam caused physical anger, citing time-wasting and the unrelenting nature of spam as the biggest causes. Over 25% said spam wasted up to 5-10 minutes of their day, with another 12% confirming it took over 10 minutes of each day – that’s 2.5 days per year wasted due to spam.

Spam has not only proven a nuisance with respondents, but caused other consequences. 40% attributed high volumes of spam as the cause for missing an important customer request (25%) or missing an email from family and friends (60%).

The survey also set out to gain a better understanding of consumers’ current observations of spam and spam mishaps:
– Drug-related spam (e.g. Viagra-oriented spam) was confirmed as the most frequently received in the past month with health-related spam (e.g. Acai/diet spam) following in second.

– 69% admitted to accidentally opening a spam email, and of those that did, 46% reported doing so only once, while 32% reported doing so at least once a month, 14% at least once a week, and another 7% admitted at least once a day.

– Of those duped, 24% cited promotional spam (e.g. travel/airfare ticket/shopping discount spam) as proving to be the trickiest .

“Spam has been, is and will continue to be a thorn in the side of many computer users. The key is finding cost-effective tools that keep time-wasting, incessant spam out of inboxes, while ensuring the right emails can get through,” says Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter co-founder. “SPAMfighter’s highly-rated community-based approach to fighting spam, backed by a proven rules-based filter, checks these boxes to help alleviate the frustration and anger that so many feel towards spam.”

SPAMfighter, the company backed by the world’s largest spam fighting community, today announces the findings of its first quarterly SPAMFighter Community Watch Behavioral Survey, which aims to assess current attitudes and behaviors towards spam. According to SPAMfighter, desperate times are calling for desperate measures with respondents willing to do just about anything to be rid of spam, even give up their morning coffee.

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