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New ThinkFun Puzzles and Games Promote the Power of Learning Through Play

NEW YORK Feb. 13, 2011

A Focus on Fun

Bill Ritchie

Smart Play this Spring



PathWords is an exciting new game that combines the best of Tetris and a word search. Players must find all the words in each challenge and place the puzzle pieces so that the letters under each piece spell a word. PathWords will delight puzzle game buffs and word search fanatics alike.



Tilt is a dynamic multi-challenge maze game that requires a player to tilt the game board back and forth, and left and right to navigate the green sliders through the center exit hole. Players must think strategically to solve the challenges required to finish the task.



HyperSwipe challenges the reflexes as players race against an opponent to collect the most pattern matches. Patterned cards quickly pop out of the HyperSwiper, requiring players to think fast and match faster as the game moves at hyper-speed.



Swish is a visual and spatial card game that challenges players to make matches, or "Swishes," before their opponents. A Swish is made by taking two or more of the transparent cards and placing them directly on top of each other so that every ball fits into a hoop of the same color.

Letter Go!


Letter Go! is a fast-paced strategic word game made to play with a group. Players race to use the letter tiles to make one word each. The tiles are worth more points when used the first time in every round. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Games for a New Generation

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Snack Attack!


Snack Attack! is a fast-paced picture matching, token stacking challenge that will have players of all ages coming back for more. Spin the delightful Snack Attack! Spinner Platter and the Snack Tokens magically appear. The player with the most Snack Tokens wins. The matching and stacking of Snack Tokens varies the game every time it’s played and two levels of play keeps the game fun for both younger and older children.

Cartoon It!


Cartoon It! is a fast-paced memory game with an artistic twist that is fun for all ages. Players earn points by correctly memorizing and drawing cartoon characters based on six specific features. They then share their artistic results with the group.

Bug Trail


Bug Trails is a 6-legged color matching domino game. Kids and adults alike love the fun bug pieces, and the unique edge-matching gameplay is simple to learn. Various levels of play make the game more challenging for older players. The first player to run out of their Bug Tiles wins.

Gaming on the Go

January 2011

Solitaire Chess


Solitaire Chess offers a unique spin on a timeless game; its chess distilled to its very essence – there is one simple goal: capture all the pieces on the board until there is only one left. The app features 400 challenges, 100 at each difficulty level, scaling from a fun and inviting gateway into the world of chess, through to thought-provokers for even the best players.

For more information on ThinkFun’s new product line, as well as product demos and samples, please stop by and see the ThinkFun team at Toy Fair –booth# 2035.

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