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Next Big Thing in Data Analytics: No More Physical Cubes

LAS VEGAS Feb. 14, 2011 TDWI —

Kognitio Pablo train-of-thought

Kognitio’s Pablo also helps bring data analytics to the masses by eliminating the need for costly and complex front-end applications. Pablo’s metadata layer and MDX connector allow users to perform sophisticated data analysis using any MDX-compatible tool such as a simple Microsoft Excel worksheet.

John Coppins

How it works

Pablo works with Kognitio’s WX2 analytic database to create in-memory images of an organization’s transactional databases or data warehouse.  It combines these data images with a metadata layer and MDX connector, allowing transactional data from business functions such as CRM, financial and HR to be stored directly in the WX2 database.  

The result is a virtual cube that can be queried as quickly and as often as required. Since all information is accessible by Pablo at all times, there are no delays or extra resources required to construct virtual cubes, significantly reducing latency and the TCO of using data.

The train-of-thought analysis that Pablo enables means that users can dig much deeper into data and answer highly specific queries on the spur of the moment. For example, retailers who need to capitalize on fast-moving customer trends can do so without missing the opportunity. Marketers who want to understand purchasing behavior and spot emerging trends can discover them in near-real-time. Or insurance companies can gain better insight from their customers to create new products and improve service.  

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June 1, 2011

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