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NI Technology Previews Earnings for Nokia, RF Micro Devices, Altera, MIPS, and O2Micro International

PRINCETON, N.J. Jan. 25, 2011

Paul McWilliams

Steven Halpern

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McWilliams covers these topics and more in his recent reports:

— In July, McWilliams made a rare, but very forceful call that the Nokia board of directors should fire the then current CEO.  This is only the third time in eight years McWilliams has made a call of this nature and, as it has worked out, in all three cases the CEOs were eventually replaced.  What did McWilliams see as the core problem with Nokia leadership?  What specific mistakes had Nokia made during the last several years that have led to the sour sentiment on Wall Street and the stock underperforming its peers in the market?  Is Nokia headed for a turnaround?  Might Nokia undergo a Motorola-style split into two companies?  Should it?


— McWilliams advised readers over a year ago that Altera was poised to be a bigger winner than rival Xilinx in 2010.  As we know now, both stocks were solid performers in 2010 and Altera has far outdistanced Xilinx.  Does McWilliams continue to believe investors should consider one or both of these stocks as core strategic investments?  Which of the two is more attractive at current prices?  Does McWilliams’ fair value range for Altera suggest the stock is now notably undervalued?

— Why is the RF semiconductor segment poised to see an explosion in demand as we embark on what McWilliams is calling the "Decade of Connections?" Between late 2008 and the middle of 2009, McWilliams suggested that Next Inning subscribers consider five suppliers with major exposure to RF semiconductors.  All five have appreciated significantly, and RF Micro Devices has moved up by 600%.  Does McWilliams believe that RF Micro is the best way for investors to play this emerging trend?  Where do rivals Anadigics, Skyworks, TriQuint, and Hittite Microwave fit in, and which of these offer the best balance of risk and potential reward?

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Paul McWilliams

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