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NICE to Demonstrate Cost Effective 3D Mobile Location Tracking Solution at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011

Israel February 10, 2011 Barcelona, Spain February 14th- 17th, 2011

The need for accurate mobile location information is critical in times such as accidents, fires and criminal activities. Nearly 90% of handsets are not GPS-enabled resulting in great need for a solution that can provide highly accurate location tracking information. The NICE 3D Mobile Location Tracking solution meets this need, supporting homeland security (HLS) initiatives by automatically monitoring and analyzing mobile device location, enabling law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations to perform post-incident investigations.

It enables compliance with the US’s Enhanced-911 (E-911) and the European Union’s E-112 regulations, which require wireless network operators to provide the latitude and longitude of callers, in order to know to which emergency services call center to route the call, and to where to send emergency services. The solution does this by obtaining highly accurate and reliable positioning results to quickly address incidents and comply with the US’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) standards and EU guidelines. It helps national alert systems detect all mobile devices located within a given geographical area, including phones in idle mode, and automatically issue an alert in real-time. In addition, the NICE solution can be used to provide network optimization and location based services. It is software-based and requires no calibration or on-going vehicle network measurements ("drive test") to ensure the solution’s reliability, which significantly reduces the cost of the deployment and ongoing operation.

NICE helps organizations achieve highly accurate and reliable 3D location positioning (X, Y and Z axes), in rural and urban environments, both indoors and outdoors, and interfaces with all cellular networks, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE to locate any cellular device.

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The NICE Security Offering addresses the needs of governments and enterprises with intent-based solutions for fighting crime and terror, by anticipating, managing and mitigating safety, security and operational risks. The offering enables capturing, analysis and correlation of data from multiple sensors and systems, including audio, video, radio, geo-location and web, providing a framework for fusing data silos into a single, holistic operational view. NICE Security solutions empower organizations to act effectively in real time to prevent, manage and investigate incidents, ensuring fast resolution and debriefing, and continuous security improvements. NICE Security solutions are deployed worldwide in government and law enforcement agencies, transportation systems, critical infrastructures, city centers and enterprise campuses.

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